Sticky Blood-Hughes Syndrome Support

A couple of current newspaper articles

Drug which can cause blood clots


Tinnitus news


Mary F

ps if you can't open these tell me and I will load them up as opened out articles.

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great job Mary - very interesting info. i had no problem bring them up ,even on this ancient relic i us here now??? thanks you friend --jet


Good to hear that x


hows life been treating you recently my friend, hopefully well, i know you have alot on your plate. but hopefully its eases up abit now and then for a breath of fresh air, it seems its always something with us sludge bloods, but we all need a break , sometimes to try to keep our sanity. always great to hear from you . ------------------------------------- jet---------------------------------------


All go on the eastern front for me and family - but a work in progress, keep well. Mary Fx


ya i hear you , same here, just trying to get mentally ready for the appt. on the 29 th. dont know what to expect ??, watched the DVD read the pamphlets, spoke to dc office this morning. all info was on the osteoathritis which is good to know ,as one of the problems, but the a.v.n. is the major culprit rite now . if i dont get back after later today its because of comp . change . keep up the good work , as i know you have plenty . bbn --jet


Hi Mary,

Thank you for this it is really intresting.





you ok Mary!!