A round up of articles off the press

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  • Thanks Mary I have shared number 3 on my Facebook page

  • Hi Mary, re. the third link I also read telegraph.co.uk/wellbeing/h...

    in which I was surprised to see a letter from someone whose migraine aura/head pressure was 'cured' by taking Warfarin and/or Betablockers following a suspected TIA. The response from the doctor is that yes, Warfarin can 'cure' migraine. There was no further explanation, and I've never heard this before - apart from people in this forum with APS who have found their migraine has improved when taking Warfarin (which is why I've posted here).

  • Yes not rocket science to work out what that patient had? Perhaps there is a reply facility, I often myself reply to people under newspaper articles with information regarding the disease and the charity etc. MaryF

  • I've sent an email asking for clarification and mentioning HS. Didn't link to the website - if he replies and hasn't heard of it I will, but presumably he does know about the connection although he didn't refer to it directly.

  • Well done. MaryF

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