New guidelines for GP's for diagnosis of migraines and headaches, which may help our friends and relatives! with other types of headaches!

This is an up to date article. A further article more specifically towards Hughes Syndrome will come later on The Telegraph.

Mary F

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  • Well done Mary for finding this & putting this up :)

    Glad one to do with Huhes will be going in too, they had put one in before.


  • That's a great step in the right direction thank you for always sharing up to date relevant info :-) I have forwarded to a friend who suffers terribly from migraines who receives very little support from her gp & workplace.

    Keep them coming :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) kx

  • Hi there, about the best thing she could do is book herself an appointment with The National Migraine Centre. I have used them and so have friends... and you do NOT need a GP referral - and they also have a forum, on the same platform as on on HealthUnlocked.

    They were great with one of my children, and my best friend who has migraines from hell! MF x

  • Thank you Mary I have forward that to her kxx

  • Thanks for the heads-up Mary - I will be really interested to see the Guidelines once they're published, particularly the underlying cause section! Hopefully we can build it into a campaign in the future.

    Speaking of the Telegraph - I've had a few emails from James le Fanu trying to organise an interview between him and Graham Hughes but then he tends to disappear again. Have you heard anything?


  • Yes I had heard it was due to take place on 24th of this month, I can send you another Ms Marple trackied down email address if you like. Let me know. x

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