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  • Thanks for putting these on although the one about Gluten Diets is very flippant and won't help those of us that have a hard enough time as it is. Also factually incorrect. The author would have done better to have read this first.


  • Yes I found it a bit lightweight! MaryF

  • The story below the first linked? -about those who resorted to bottled water because " something" in the tap water was causing symptoms?

    I have been compelled to purchase, cart and drink bottled water ( then take the plastic containers to the recycling center) for years. I consulted with my local water supplier to try to identify the ingredient I'm sensitive to, but after eliminating all the "cheap to test for possibilities," I chose not to pursue more testing which would likely reveal the presence of something which home filters can not erase, and which only effects me. ( I was, after all, born and raised in a Southern West Virginia coal camp and my local water supplier draws from a river whose upstream water washes coal. So it seems likely that I have developed a sensitivity to some coal related chemical that does not bother others who were not fortunate to share my coal camp childhood. )

    It was nice to read that I'm not the only one.

  • only read the first one so far,and surely they have made a mistake?

    it lists potatoes as a food that contains gluten

    I was sure that potatoes were ok

    please tell me I don't have to give up my buttered jacket

    one of my staples

  • No potatoes are fine, it is a badly written article, it is good to see what is out there though, MaryF

  • Thank you Mary!

    Re "the pill" and depression;

    "un unwanted pregnancy far outweighs all the other side effects that could occur from a contraceptive-pill" - then they have forgotten APS (Sticky Blood).


  • Yes there is still a lot of work to be done regarding that. MaryFx

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