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  • Thanks, Mary-I'm so glad I don't smoke!! The guy in the second article looked like an imitation steam train!

  • Yes, indeed. MaryF

  • Thanks Mary. Will be checking them all out later. You certainly keep us supplied with articles. Busy day for me today as I have physio and eye clinic. 'M'

  • I try and keep up with the papers once in a while! MaryF

  • You must be an avid reader. 😀 It's appreciated MaryF.

  • Thank you Mary. I actually saw the first article yesterday, my husband being addicted the the Mail. Unbelievable, given the amount of research that is now well under way or has been published over the past few years regarding bio-chemical abnormalities in CFS/ME, that the media is now only starting to catch onto the reality and seriousness of the condition. But at least they are. Interestingly, there were a spate of studies a few years back highlighting the high incidence of APS in those diagnosed with CFS/ME. I was originally diagnosed with CFS/ME, hence my interest.

    The second photo, in the Express, must surely be enough to put most people firmly off vaping!

  • I really do hope the ME/CFS blood test holds up. I too was originally diagnosed with it. Hopefully it will take away 'all in the mind' culture. 'M'

  • Let's hope so!

  • Thanks, Mary

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