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Pregnancy and APS

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Hi all..anyone with APS had a successful pregnancy with only baby aspirin throughout pregnancy or no treatment at all? I’ve read so many different stories and it is such a scary and unpredictable condition.

Thanks for your time

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Hi there,

No, not just aspirin in my case. I'm 26 weeks pregnant and I'm injecting blood thinners twice a day as well as taking daily baby aspirin. Sound daunting but it's been absolutely fine. I had many miscarriages before I was diagnosed so I'm incredibly grateful for the treatment. Good luck.

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KellyInTexasAdministrator in reply to Bella_Bee

( happy to hear things are progressing so nicely)

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hvnsent916 in reply to Bella_Bee

Glad it’s all working out for you! When did you start the lovenox? Which APS antibodies did you have?

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Hi, I see you have just joined us - welcome.Yes it's all scary, with or without APS, try stay positive, any concerns talk through with your consultant or midwife. Ask away on here, we share our experiences with APS, hopefully gaining knowledge and confidence.

I went on to have 2 children, undiagnosed at the time, without any medications. They are now in their 30's.

Thank you! So nice to hear successful stories. Do you know which APS antibodies you had issues with?

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HollyHeskiAdministrator in reply to hvnsent916

I'm now diagnosed as triple positive, without anticoagerants I'm lucky to have 2 beautiful children.I am now in clexane, aspirin & clopidogrel, just to maintain normality.

HiYes, I have had 2 pregnancies with baby aspirin.

Was it only with baby aspirin the whole pregnancy? Which APS antibodies do you have issues with? Everytime I look online most people say that baby aspirin was not enough and caused them issues or pregnancy loss. The uncertainty makes me so nervous..

Hello, I have APS and was prescribed clexane injections (low dose heparin) and baby aspirin once a day for the entire pregnancy and for about a month afterwards. I had twins successfully this way.

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hvnsent916 in reply to Raschen

When did you start Clexane and baby aspirin?

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Raschen in reply to hvnsent916

I will check. It was 12 years ago. I had as early administration of clexane as possible after knowing I was pregnant.

I had a successful pregnancy with just baby aspirin after 5 miscarriages. Worked first time like a dream. I started taking it 3 months before I got pregnant but that was more a belt and braces approach, they did tell me in clinic that it would have the same effect if I was already pregnant as long as I started it soon enough. Now I was diagnosed with APS but the consultant didn’t believe in someone so young taking warfarin and was never given the option of blood thinners whilst pregnant. Now, if I was already diagnosed, then I’d choose the blood thinners but the baby aspirin worked for me! Good luck!!

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