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Plaquenil and pregnancy

Hi there!

I recently read on an APS Facebook group that Plaquenil might improve pregnancy outcomes in women with APS.

For those of you who've taken plaquenil to prevent miscarriage/pregnancy complications, did your family Doctor/high risk OB/rheumatologist/etc prescribe it?

A little about me. I've had multiple DVT's, first one in 1999, but wasn't given an APS diagnosis until 2010. I've been on Warfarin since my first DVT.

I've had 3 pregnancies, and for each of them followed a protocol of low dose Aspirin and therapeutic dose of Lovenox. Pregnancy no. 1 ended in miscarriage at 7 weeks, pregnancy no.2 I developed HELLP at 29 weeks and had an emergency c-section. My son was in NICU for 7 weeks but is a healthy 3 year old today. And most recently, about a month ago I suffered another miscarriage at 10 weeks, after seeing a heartbeat at 8.5 weeks.

So now I'm thinking the aspirin and thinners combo isn't doing the trick. I'll be seeing my high risk OB in the next few weeks, but I'm not sure if he is the best Doctor to see to ask about Plaquenil.

Also - I live in Canada and see the high risk Doc at Mt Sinai in Toronto

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So sorry for the loss of all your babies, not sure about placqunil and pregnancies, but I would be really reassured about seeing a high risk OB, you could always ask a pharmasist or your own GP before or phone your OB secretary, not sure if you are pregnant again or just going for pre pregnancy advice, what ever really good luck for the future


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