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APS and Pregnancy

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Hello! I received some good advice here a few weeks ago after a late miscarriage and now have a bit more info - met with a great reproductive immunologist in New York, who seems confident I have APS and will need lovenox and aspirin in the TTC phase. Still awaiting the full lab work (he did NK, and others).

In any case, I’m curious about women who’ve take Lovenox and aspirin and whether they had success or needed additional things beyond that to have a successful pregnancy? Any questions or things to think of while working with this RI?

Thank you so much for any advice!

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HI, I had all my children with a combination of Fragmin injections and Aspirin, however it is always good to check other things such as your Thyroid plus vitamin D, B12 and Iron etc. I wish you the best of luck with your new medical consultant. Some woman have also been given progesterone, alongside the above. We have a few on our forum who have had this, hopefully they will reply to you. MaryF

Just finished reading “Is your body baby friendly”. Super important read for anyone working with reproductive immunology. Personally for me BA and lovenox haven’t been enough. I am following up with an RI next month and considering the possibility of IVIg, corticosteroids, and/or TNF-alpha inhibitors... possibly intralipids (but idk bc it has egg and soy in it and my body might not react well). Did you meet with Braverman? Best of luck to you on your journey!

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Ashlos in reply to Lauren2121

Thank you for the information! I need to read that book. Im working with Jonathan Scher (he wrote the book Preventing Miscarriage)I have a son already, and didnt have any complications with him, so it makes this time around a total mystery for me. I have heard of these other protocols and will keep them in mind - hes doing more blood work, so its possible hell have other medicines in mind as well.

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Lauren2121 in reply to Ashlos

Yes! Read the book! It’s an easy read and it totally addresses your exact issue, amongst others.

I’m so hopeful for you!!!! 💗

Good luck and best wishes!

Keep me posted!

Sorry for your loss, but glad you have some great doctors and hope for next time!

Plaquenil, baby aspirin, and Lovenox are what finally worked for me. She still came early due to cord flow issues and has some ongoing preemie issues. She is a daily blessing to us.

Best of luck!

Sorry for your loss. Aspirin from conception & clexane from 6 weeks worked for me after 3 previous losses. I had regular growth scans towards the end & was induced at 38 weeks. My baby is now 4 months. It was a long & difficult journey but we got there in the end. Best of luck & I’m sure you will find the protocol which works for you.

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