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Here I am 32 weeks into another hopefully successful pregnancy. I had a growth scan a few days ago and the baby is an estimated above average size and weight at the moment. This is a miracle for APS babies as blood flow can often be compromised and babies born on the smaller side. Not in this case. Aspirin and heparin continue to be true miracle drugs! They are even letting me go to full term this time. An almost 'normal' pregnancy. Thank goodness for modern medicine and knowledge! Anyone out there want any advice and info about my journey - never hesitate to get in touch. #nevergiveup

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  • Congratulations, your long, sad at times, joyous at other times experience, shows you are a brave determined woman. Your positive outlook will Im sure help others, especially those just diagnosed and starting out on their APS journey.

    I wish you well for the next few weeks and look forward to hearing your good news when the day comes.

    Thank you for posting xxxx

  • Congratulations! You've covered most of this journey so here's to a happy, healthy bouncing baby not matter what the sex is.

  • Thank you for your news, this is all sounding very good. Keep well. MaryF

  • Congratulations you must be thrilledūüėä

  • Great news!

  • Thats so great! We shall certainly look forward to hearing the good news - and you have been a great mum already, nursing this little bundle along until it makes his or her appearance. Well done. x

  • Congratulations! I have 4 teenagers. One is adopted, one was born a month and a half early and very small, the other was only two weeks early but even smaller than her brother. And my third was born at a normal weight but a very rapid birth 30 min after water broke and I had huge clots after she was born. I have also had 4 early miscarriages all mixed in between each birth. I did not know about my APS until after my last baby was born and had already had all the other miscarriages. It makes me happy to hear of someone who has beat APS and cared for properly during their pregnancy. I often wonder if I had simply been on baby aspirin back then if I would now have 8 children! Although I'm not sure I could handle 8 and feel blessed with the 4 that I have.

  • I have just recently been diagnosed with ASP after 2 early miscarriages. We are going to try again next month with the instructions to start heparin as soon as I got a positive test. I'm am just happy to see there are happy heathy babies at the end of this journey.

  • Good luck to you. If you still have problems - request the heparin whilst TTC before you get a positive test. This in the end was the only thing that worked for me.

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