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Just an update unfortunately my pregnancy didnt make it past 9 weeks. After several scans with perfect heartbeat and baby and clexane and aspirin my baby died over the weekend at some point :( . Now waiting for miscarriage to complete with no sign yet. This is the worst thing ive ever had to do sit and wait knowing my baby is still in my tummy but not alive :(

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  • Sarahlou - I am so so sorry and just wish I could give you a hug right now. I understand about knowing your baby is still here but not alive - I had to wait to go into hospital on the Monday knowing my baby had died and it was Mothering Sunday and I sat there just as you are now. I did not know I had Hughes then. The Miscarriage Society were really good and I had a telephone counsellor to talk with. You may not want to chat but they are there if you want to. I am also here should you want to talk more and I know lots of others here will have been where you are now.

    Much love.


  • Thankyou Lynn it is so comforting to know someone knows how I feel.The hospital want me to wait two weeks before they will intervene. I was wondering if I am entitled to ask for another scan to confirm the first and then meds to help me miscarry x

  • Hi Sarah - would your GP know the answer to your question? I was 17 weeks pregnant so had to go into hospital within a few days. They did do two scans though to confirm.


  • Hi lynn. Got an app tomorrow with gp to ask for 2 nd scan then something to help me out. Cant sit like this for a fortnight :( x

  • Well done Sarah - it's hard to sort things when you are so sad- really they should be doing the sorting out for you. Remember I'm here if you need to chat


  • Sarahlou

    So sorry to hear your news.

    Love and prayers to you.

    Dave x

  • Hello there, I am so sorry to hear about your sad and stressful news, a big hug coming to you, and I am sure everyone else will feel similar. Please make sure you have your family and or trusted friends around you, and please lean on us lots on here as much as you feel able to. So many women on here have gone through similar and will understand only too well how you are feeling right now. All the best, please get in touch whenever you need to. MaryF xx

  • Thankyou everyone for your kind messages so glad to have found this group x

  • And, we are equally all lucky to have you! MaryF xxx

  • Sarah-- so sorry to hear of your sad sad sad news -- Being a man with this disorder we don't have to deal with the things you gals do . My true heart felt sympathy goes out to you and all your loved ones . here for you --- jet over the pond in new Hampshire U.S.A. ---

  • Sarahlou! I'm really sorry about your lost. I understand you because it happened to me as well.

    As Mary said keep your relatives and friends near for support.

    My thoughts are with you, be strong and keep hope.

  • Thankyou so much to everyone x

  • Sarahlou I can only echo what everyone has said. I too went through this and was told to leave it to nature! That was many years ago and before I knew I had APS! I do hope you have some support at home but there are plenty of us on here if ever you need anyone. Big Hug from us all. x

  • Thankyou so much I have support but no one that really understands. My family are trying to but its nice to have this group to come to and let out some of what im feeling. X

  • I am so very sorry for your loss sarahlou I was offered three types of management with my last mmc which included wait, medical management where they give you a pill to speed up the process or minor op called an ERPC which is what I chose as like you I just wanted it over. Sending you love and best wishes xxx

  • Im hoping they will do something as I still feel pregnant with all the symptoms and its harder for me knowing the baby is still inside. It feels like mental torture at the mo and my other half and I cant move on till its over :( thankyou for your kind words and sorry about your loss too xx we are all gonna have a lot of baby angels waiting for us x

  • Has anyone suggested that you keep a journal during this " stuck" time in your life? Journaling always helps me through emotionally rough patches.

  • So sorry to hear. I can't say I know exactly how you feel but I had a similar experience. I was pregnant last May, everything ok at 6 weeks scan at 8 wks baby had gone they said it died some time after scan at 6 weeks. I was given tablets to bring on miscarriage but nothing happened for over a week, was so hard just waiting for something to happen, it was my due date over Christmas which wasn't easy but have to look forward, my thoughts are with you, stay strong, hope you find comfort from this site like I did and still do. X

  • So sorry to hear about your loss too butterflywings. Its hard when you reach the due date knowing what could of been. I lost one in feb that was due on 15th sep and now this one would of been due on 6th august. I am so glad I have this site and people that understand exactly what I am going through x

  • A journal would be a good idea thankyou they offered councilling but Im not ready for that yet x

  • Hugs saralou. I have been in that position too and it is a horrendous place to be. My heart goes out to you.

  • Thankyou Tassie x

  • I'm so very sorry to hear this Sarahlou - what a terrible start for the New Year for you. I had a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks so do know some of the misery you're going through. Sending you a big hug at this awful time, and I hope you have a good support network to help you through.


  • Thankyou for your message Kate still waiting to pass pregnancy have app tomorrow at epu so fingers crossed they cab help me :(

  • I've just read your post and wanted to say how much I feel for you. I've had still born identical twins at 7 months and two other miscarriages. No live babies. I had to wait to pass the pregnancy too. It's hard to say strong when you want something so much, but you will find the strength from somewhere x

  • Just an update had another scan baby still there so heratbreaking as it looks perfect. Sac is still growing so got to go monday to have pregnancy removed my body doesnt seem to want to let go :( thankyou for all your messages of support it has really helped me through the last week and a half x

  • Have only just read this last update - my heart goes out to you as this happened to me. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I could scream that 20 years after my losses women are still losing babies.


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