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Hi my names nikki I have had various issues over the years starting with miscarriages and trigemnal nuralgia , emergency spinal surgery . Fybro . And loads of other stuff . A few years ago before a spinal op I had a brain scan and legions were found . A lot of them . I have gone through all test a few times for ms Parkinson dementia ect my surgery was cancelled as it was the next day and it was deemed to risky as it was a long op I've since tho had 7 emergency ops to put it right . Last years other issues were getting worse so every 12 weeks I had bloods for the year and have been diagnosed with Antiphospholipid syndrome . I'm now on aspirin and a hydro med ... my question is I am trying to pack up smoking so have started taking champix ( think I've spelt it right ) only I've read the leaflet and one major effect is the blood esp if on warfarin but it don't mention just aspirin or aps so wondered if any one here know ? Is it safe to take with aps xx

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  • There are apparently no known interactions with Aspirin. however given your health issues I would discuss this with your Doctor.

  • Well done for trying to kick the smoking habit

  • Well done for the positive step with ditching smoking, also do get your B12 checked as if that is low it can be linked to Trigenminal Neuralgia, B12 can fall with smoking! Also your Iron, and D plus a thyroid panel. Hopefully things will improve for you. I am on Aspirin but it was all carefully worked out with my various GP/consultants etc.


  • I gave up smoking decades ago. There were two things that worked for me: first - a good bout of pneumonia; Second - "smoking"imaginary cigarettes. This involves going through all the motions as if you were opening a pack of cigarettes, removing the cellophane, prying open the top, tapping one cigarette out, tapping it down, lighting it up with the fake match or lighter, pretending the fake cigarette is in your mouth inhaling, exhaling, tapping the imaginary ashes into a tray – etc.

    It sounds really stupid but it really worked for me. ( that and the pneumonia.)

  • Hi Gina,

    I could imagine how it was to smoke from your description; - I also gave up smoking 47 years ago. I smoke 8 years 10 cigarettes a day. In the 60th we did not know how dangerous it was to smoke.

    Very good - but you forgot to "fimp" it.


  • It was so glamorous to smoke in the 60's! You were a beautiful Swedish James Bond girl!

  • Interesting! I'm sure your hiking lungs and body are a wonderful trade off! You have such interesting stories. I was telling my daughter all about your dad and his history last weekend . She was fascinated.

  • "Fimp?"

  • Hi Gina,

    As we talk of smoking it is ok on this question I guess; I tried to find a word for when you "put out" ("electric light" it said in my dictionary) the cigarette (when you are finished with it). Here in Sweden we say "fimp" to blow it out. I thought it sounded English.

    Oh I wish I had easier to express myself when it comes to modulation. It must be difficult sometimes to understand what I am trying to say.

    I like what you tell us also very much!


  • Don't apologize! You've taught me something new! ( and I can use "fimp" as my new word to yell at drivers who endanger me and themselves by driving dangerously.)

  • We are encouraging and supporting you! Yay Nikki! Peppermint candy... ? Maybe! Start a new Netflix series. For sure! Binge watch something! Let us know what you decide ( or you could go manic and clean out your closets and rearrange and organize them... but that would be torturous! You might decide you needed a smoke break...)

    No, Netflix binging with super fun yummy snacks is a way better idea!

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