Does being on clopidogrel affect a thrombophilia test please?

Hello all,

I had a stroke Sept 2011 and have done all the tests to see why..... all came back fine, no major problems at all. In the meantime I'm on clopidogrel to prevent another clot. Now my Doc recommends a thrombophilia test to see if my problem lies there. However, does anyone know if I have to stop the Clopidogrel for a while before I can do the test? I'm a bit reluctant to stop it at all since it's good "insurance" at the moment to prevent a repeat stroke.



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  • I don't know why you would have to go off meds ( Clopidogrel) It is only a test to check your blood to see how long it takes to clot. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the response, my concern is because the med is an antiplatelet drug to prevent clotting in the first place and that it will affect the clotting test. Clear as mud? ;-)

  • Sheko I know what you mean....cause I often thought that when they tested me for APS as I'm on aspirin (was on clopidogrel then taken off it as they thought I was allergic to it) I did wonder as the blood will show as not clotting as quickly as it would without any kind of "thinner meds".....or do they allow for that in the blood test??? :)

  • Bingo! That's part of it JanJan yes, although I gather they check for some odd antibodies during the test as well as just "sticky blood". My Doc's going to give me more info on Monday but I just thought I'd see if anybody knew here before I wear out my keyboard any more.


  • well at least I'm not the only one who thought that!!! :D I kinda wondered to myself....."well my blood isn't going to clot as quick as it would cause am on aspirin so how are you going to get results!!" :)

  • Hi Guys

    Yes clopidergrel and Asprin isa thinner but a mild one not as strong as warferin so the two tests for Hughes will not be effected an as for clotting tests they still can see if an issue as its not just ablout how fast you clot.

    Hope you get all your answer today


  • Clopidogrel does not affect any of the three tests which look for antiphospholipid antibodies - the anticardiolipin (aCL), the lupus anticoagulant (LA) and the anti-beta2-glycoprotein1 (aBGP1).

    Only warfarin affects the LA and sometimes heparin too. The other two tests are unaffected by any anticoagulation therapy.

  • Thanks very much to Paddyandlin and KateH for the answers!

    I've got a mandate now (literally just arrived) from my company doc to get this done asap so at least I can relax about temporarily losing my "protection".

    Much appreciated,



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