Can I do an assault course on warfarin?

As a fundraiser the charity I work for are doing a sponsored assault course....

they have assumed I'll be doing it too. Don't want to make a big deal about it, I would give it a go.

But I'm slightly worried that maybe I shouldn't do something like that whilst on Warfarin? My INR is about 2.5, target 2-3.

I will double check with my Dr but before I bother making an appointment - has anyone else done anything similar?

(Guess if it is an absolutely no way I won't bother with the appt, if it is a maybe I will)

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  • Hi.

    This is certainly something that you will need to talk to your Dr about, we cannot advise you on this.

    Best wishes and good luck.


  • Don't worry I would get permission from a Dr...if I was going to do it - not just think it is ok cos it is for others!

    It was more to see if it is even worth asking ... what others in a similar situation had been told -if it is overwhelming they couldn't t there is no point taking up a GP's appt -I'll assume it will be no. If some have been given permission, it might be its ok and so it would be worth asking ...if that makes sense..

  • I would assume it depends on how fit and active you currently are. If you feel physically up to it what would be the problem, it's only running, jumping, swinging on ropes and crawling through mud lol so if you want to would your Dr stop you and why? I'm intrigued tbh but I just had to get a letter from my Gp so I could join the local gym, I only want the pool initially as I have my own treadmill and rowing machine etc anyway but I'll still use theirs. My Gp was overjoyed that I'm taking control of my life.

  • It would be because of the risk of falling/bumping yourself and causing a bleed...

    (I'm not very fit at all...but I would have a go if safe)

    When I was on warfarin before (in my 20s and my target was above 3) - they said I couldn't do boxercise until they realised it was just skipping and punching a punch bag wearing gloves - no-one would be punching me!

    Also weren't happy about me playing football - a contact sport ?!? - in the park just with my work colleagues at lunch time (found out because I twisted my ankle so I had to get it checked out in case it was a DVT -even though I was pretty sure it wasn't...)

    I think they would say no but then maybe they were so cautious before cos my target was high?

  • Oh Ok but are we not at risk of falling and bumping generally? I'm on Warfarin too which was why I was curious tbh but I wouldn't attempt it if I wasn't at all fit. Too much like hard work lol. I would say generally I'm pretty fit I run up the shopping centre car park stairs two at a time right up to the 4th floor just because I can but went swimming for the first time in years today and was cream crackered lol Technique is still there but I need to acclimatise myself to swimming at a slower pace and build up speed and distance gradually lol the brain and body were at odds today. I'll get there though. Good luck if you do go ahead with it.

  • Do you not an anticoagulant alert card? For medics - in case you have an accident?

    And falling from height is a bit different to walking into a door ...or falling off a chair ....

    I suspect if I did it I would be crawling most of the way ...but then I would have to make a bit of an effort to get a little fitter -or I doubt I could even manage to crawl round ...

  • My observation from my own experience, and reading various posts on this site over the years -- is that how far is "too far" in potentially fall and injury prone sports is very much an individual decision based on your individual situations -- such as coagulation levels, sense of balance, strength, agility, etc.

    For me -- I gave up mountain biking, though I still bike on roads. I forgot my desires to learn to ski and snowboard. And I still hike, though I do not do trail running (as I did as a kid before there was a name for "trail running." ) ( ditto mountain biking; c 1964 a couple of friends and I discovered how much fun it was to ride bikes down this narrow track through a high ravine in the local forest. We found on our own that those little "spider bikes" did not provide enough control to do this; but my old fashioned, Huffy "fixer" was perfect! Ah! Good memories! -- but even were I not on warfarin I am now too mature and sensible to ever do something as scary and technical as those rides! -- I guess my childhood mates and I are lucky that none of us died. And I suppose my adult skepticism of my childhood adventures means I now qualify as a "fuddy duddy." )

  • I hope you do get the permission to do it! I wish I felt well enough to even consider doing it so I say ask your doc, get the OK and go for it! x

  • If you can, discuss it with the trainer before the course to see how much actual contact there is in the class. And I would go ahead with the dr. appt so you know for future reference just how much "contact" he feels is permissible. He may want to reduce the dose just while you take the class...or he may feel that it isn't going to be an issue.

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