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I am so gutted, I am waiting to have a total knee replacement and went to my Pre-Operative assessment on Thursday. Heart fine, blood pressure etc, all info for medication and conditions given, then saw the physio team to see what needed at home etc. letter from Guys to give my local anticoagulant clinic. Then I get a phone call Thursday night to say my Haemoglobin level is low. Nurse says referring me to the Rapid Access Anaemia unit.

Does anyone know how long it takes to get an appointment and when will they be doing as I have no clue. really thought that everything will in place etc and operation would not be too far away, then they find this which on my previous blood test in July was low as the nurse commented on it and that's why she want it done again. why did no one pick up on it then, so I could have sorted it out and not at the last minute/

Sorry just having a rant as its so upsetting as in so much pain with knee, cant take any stronger medication.

Just want the knee done.

can Lupus affect the haemoglobin as I have not had any bleeding experience to warrant why it would be low.


Teadonna x

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Hi - I know how your feeling as my husband had a knee replacement done earlier this year and he too nearly had his cancelled because of a scratch on his knee. They take no chances now because any risk of infection will cause the operation to fail and believe me you do not want to risk having the thing taken out if you get an infection!!

They can give you an iron infusion if that is needed to push up your levels. In the meantime go to boots and buy some Spatone sachets. They are really gentle but made my husband feel better after his op as you do loose blood.


Thanks, will this be okay to take with warfarin etc or does it affect it. It just having to wait longer don't even no how long have to wait for an appointment ti see the anemia clinic, Then I suppose going through the pre assessment again. Just seems to be dragging out.


From my knowledge it is ok but if I were me I would check with the pharmacist when you go to Boots to buy it. My hubby was on Heparin shots for 3 weeks after his op and although you don't have the same issues with INR his Dr encouraged the use of the iron supplementation.



I had a total knee replacement at Guys in fact I have had both done now. Was the best decision made. Glad Guys would do it as my local hospital would not. I had all the checks done, even had veins in legs checked etc and was fine, then the last minute for a phone call to say my iron level was low and needed to go to the unit to have a drip, went twice, I did not have to wait long for the appointment and once done was called in the surgery pretty quick. this was one I have to first one done, one of the team in the rapid access told me to get a iron supplement tablet and take one a day. so I did not have any problems with the 2nd one. I had the pre-assessment check done and I thought there was going to be a delay, but it was pretty quick once my level was up. good luck hope you get it sorted soon.




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