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Surgery Question....will I be outpatient??

I am preparing to meet with a surgeon regarding a torn and detached labrum in my hip. There are few surgeons in the USA that do this surgery, so I will be traveling 3 hours to get this done. Normally this is an outpatient procedure (done orthoscopic).

I have never had surgery since diagnosed with APS and put on blood thinners. I suffered PE 3 years ago.

Wondering will I be outpatient or will they want to keep me for a night? Anyone gone through something like this??

I meet with the surgeon next week, but any feedback would be great!!

Thanks so much!

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I don't think we can really say other than you must make sure that the surgeon is fully up to speed with APS. If you are on warfarin then you will need to be bridged with Heparin and its important that they are familiar with that side of things so that you have no risk of clots or bleeding and then get back to your normal INR. I would perhaps send ahead APS info so the Doctor has time to do his research. There is quite a lot of info on this site about all of this. Good Luck and do come back if you need more help.


Thanks so much for your feedback!!


And wishing you the best of luck. and a speedy recovery. Mary F x


Here is a link to bridging therapy. Take this, or any other you find, with you to your meeting. Make sure they read it. Bridging is important if they intend stopping your warfarin (assuming you are on warfarin).

There are a number of sites out there that talk about bridging. Make sure you asking them what they intend to do regarding bridging.


Thanks so much!!! I am on warfarin and my Hemotologist said I will need to bridged for the surgery and that it's very "normal". hahah I feel we are anything BUT normal. :)



I am recovering from shoulder reconstruction surgery at the moment. The labrum in my shoulder had detached (read torn) off my glenoid bone and had to be repaired with anchor pins and sutures. This type of surgery is usually done arthroscopically too but because of the extent of the injuries I had when I dislocated my shoulder I had to have an open incision to repair everything including the labrum.

Usually it is day surgery but I was kept in for 3 days. There were a few reasons for this. One was to make sure my INR stabilised after the surgery when I was put back on Warfarin after being on Heparin as a bridging therapy, secondly to make sure I didn't clot post-op and thirdly because I also have MS and my mobility is shit and the OTs wanted to be sure I could manage with my arm immobilised while being on a single crutch and to make sure I wouldn't fall etc.

I went off warfarin 10 days pre-op and started Heparin injections twice daily which I then had to stop 12 hours immediately before the operation. 6 hours post-op I was started on Heparin again for 48 hours and then went back on Warfarin.

Good luck with the surgery and I hope it helps to stabilise your hip. Be prepared for a bit of a slow recovery time though if my shoulder is anything to go by. But I have had no complications with blood clots or anything.


Good luck! And let me know how it goes. I may be next!



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