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Does anyone else have problems with blood work?

I have Dr appt Wed and dread having blood work. It takes several stabs and I do not bleed even after they are able to locate a vein. I have even had them skip blood work before because I would not bleed at all. Last time the nurse told me my blood clots as soon as they stab me. Any suggestions? I drink tons of water everyday and I take low dose asprin already.

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I would call your doctor and tell him/her that would should probably be on warfin.

Just a suggestion. Good luck!!!


As above but the actual taking of the blood keep both arms really warm their is smaller needles they can try. Or a butterfly where do you get it done may be you could try another place hospital blood testing place slot of surgerys don't use a ball anymore be cause of cross infection you could take your ownthough drinking plenty of water helps .warm soak in hot water too try and relax I tryand think of running waterfalls make sure you go to the toilet fist if you can have someghing to eat too. Sorry using daughters phone hense writing good luck if all else fails ask for a doctor to do it Love Karen x x


Hi Barbie

I have very shy veins too and, even when my INR is 4.0, some phlebotomists can't get anything out of me. It took 5 goes last time at my surgery, the sister had to do it eventually and she went in with a thin needle normal looking syringe and sucked it out.

best wishes.

Dave xx


It depends on the vampire. Some can get blood out of stones.

Drink lots of water, hold you arms over your head and pump your fists. Plus it helps to use warm compresses before the stick. and never let them use anything but a butterfly.

I don't let them stick me more than once. It also helps to tell them you are a hard stick and ask them to get their best vampire. There is always one who is better with hard sticks.

And after a l-o-n-g time, one vein appeared that always works, so i always make them use that one. It looks terrible after 15 years, but it keeps on working.

Sorry you are having this problem. it's no fun!


Holdingyour arms above your head will drain the blood from them. You should keep them warm, and hang them below the stretcher if on one, or down low by your side if in a chair. Don't tense up and don't move when they do it.

I hope they get you on one stick this time!


Just today the home care nurse was commenting that my veins ran away. Friday htey were popping out like crazy...but my blood pressure was up because I had just finished physical therapy. Today my blood pressure was down 22 points and not a vein to be found.


Thanks all.


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