Some good news

My GP has confirmed that I was normal on the cardiolipin test so that is a huge positive. I haven't had the third test yet though.

She is checking my vit d b12 ferritin and folate again so we will see how that all goes.

She has referred me Privately to see Dr Situnayake and I can see him next Wednesday evening.

So all going in a positive direction :)

5 Replies

  • Well done. MaryF

  • Dr Situnayake is a lovely chap. I saw him prior to Prof Gordon and he was always very kind and thorough. He also knows his stuff :)

  • That's great news thank you. I am seeing him next Wednesday.

  • Good for you -- Think positive things :-)

    From Casey and I from across the pond !!

  • Sounds like you're getting a medical Chtristmas present. Excellent!

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