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:D good news at last

been to my gp today asked for a referral being made to an aps specialist which she said would be up to my either hematologist or rheumatologist to do - so came home very disheartened - was going to try a self referral by emailing the specialist - so had another look at who I should be contacting and seems there's a new specialist in a hospital quite near to me :D - I rang and they are both aps and lupus specialists so are actually a rheumatologist department - she told me to simply ask for my care to be transferred from one hospital to theirs and they would be more than happy to see me and get my care sorted - it feels like a massive weight is being lifted I've been back in touch with my gp and asked them to transfer my care - and also been in touch with my old hospital and asked them to do the same - it's just keeping on their case now to make sure it happens - I am now actually looking forward to the future and hopefully it'll be with a lot less pain and a lot more care :D

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Oh how wonderful! I am so glad for you that probably at last you have found the doctor who will look after you and understand APS. It is so sad that it has to be a fight to get the right treatment.

Well done!



I'm just so glad there's a specialist near to me and her secretary was so understanding and helpful and found me a quick way to get seen xx


If I had a laughing sun to press, (I do not know how to do) I would press it today!

A hugh to you from Kerstin


Well done :)


Fantastic news. A consultant who knows there stuff about aps is a wonderful thing.

Mine has quite literally saved/changed my life.


I really hope this doctor has the same effect for me - my care right now seems scattered like there's not a connection to my illnesses when there is and I need an overall person to deal with this not 3/4 consultants


So nice to find a specialist that knows about Hughes. I can recommend Dr Jefferies at Northampton if anyone is around that area.

I came across this petition today. This would be soooo good for the UK and be on a par with you Lure2 :-)

Save the NHS loadsamoney! Sign this petition and you'll be doing just that :-)

AntiCoagulation Self-Monitoring Alliance (ACSMA) launched in October 2012


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