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As I posted several weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a Brain Aneurysm in September, and saw the Neurosurgeon on Sept. 28. I am having a Cerebral Artery Angiogram scheduled for Nov. 10th, in the hospital, and really scared. It is brain surgery--I have to go for pre-op testing on Oct 23, (bloodwork, EKG, and chest xray) and then see my Hematologist, Cardiologist, and Internist the following week to sign papers certifying me for the procedure. After this, the Neurosurgeon will determine the next surgery to see how he will close off the aneurysm.

He said complications from the procedure could be stroke, kidney failure, and a host of other things. And not doing it, and doing nothing, there is a 3% chance (3 out of 100 people) that the aneurysm could burst.

I hope I'm doing right thing. He said procedure takes about 2 hours, then I have to stay in hospital the whole day lying flat, then 4 to 5 days to feel completely healed.

My hematologist has to take me off the warfarin and I will have to inject with Lovenox--

I'm pretty nervous about this whole thing, and hoping the outcome will be good.


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  • Hi Mozelle,

    I have read a little form your past .... you know bad memory etc etc .....

    May I ask if you have had a really really good APS-doctor involved with your case your last years?? Someone who knows APS almost like the Professor.

    I know you have had all the symtoms of APS there is, almost anyway ......

    If he says yes to your operation I think you could be trustful as you can not do any more BUT if you have not yet seen that SPECIALIST of APS I think you should try to find one and talk with him/her and hear what he has to say before that operation.

    We Always have said here that the Neurologists are not so good on this illness as it has to do with too thick blood.

    I have read that when you took Antihistamin your vision came back .....!?.

    Remember I am not a doctor as you know but I care for you and I know a bit of this rare unusual illness.

    Hope to hear from you


  • Hi Kerstin

    I spoke to my hematologist (the one who treats me for the APS) and I see him next week, the 21st of October. He is going to go over everything with me. I am not scheduled for the operation till Nov. 10, and he will advise whether I should go ahead with it.

    I will let you know.



  • Hi it does sound as if you have a good team of medical staff around you, I hope they can reassure you, they will not take a decision about you lightly, do let us know how everything is going, after your next appointment, fingers crossed. MaryF

  • Hi Mozelle,

    That sounds good!

    Good Luck next Wednesday!


  • You are in good hands. They have done the right thing. You come of the warfarin and use another medication, that is right. That happened when I had my surgery to repair the hole in my heart.

    Keep well, enjoy the enforced 'rest'.

  • Hi Mozelle, we can only trust in the experts and weigh up all the options, so I'm sure if both specialists think surgery is for the best, then go for it. I have two aneurysms in the brain and am due another MR angiogram to see if they've grown. If so, I guess I'll be following your route! Good luck, I'll be thinking of you xxx

  • I have not had a brain aneurysm however, I recently had a Cerebral Angiogram. I was afraid also. Coming off all blood thinners made me nervous as I have already had multiple strokes. That being said, the angiogram itself was not too bad. The worst part for me was the laying flat for 6 hours afterward. I took an IPAD with movies on it with me to have something to do. I watched movies and read as the time passed way too slowly. I'm praying all goes well for you and positive outcomes for you.

  • Laura

    Thank you so much -- good to hear from one who has been there. I see my hematologist tomorrow and he will prescribe the Lovenox shots and advise me when to go off Coumadin and start the shots.

    I understand there is something new that they do after the angiogram--instead of lying flat, they actually insert a plug to stop the bleeding. A friend had this done 3 months ago, and said it is still sore. Sooooo, I think I would rather lie flat for 6 hours. Thanks for the advice about bringing the Ipad.


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