Brain Aneurysm

As if the Factor V Leiden and Anti phospholipid wasn't enough---

Due to a family history of brain aneurysms, -my mother died of one, my sister had 3 but were operated on successfully, my mother's sister had, my grandmother died of one, and first cousin also. My cardiologist and my internist have been after me for the last 2 years since they took my medical history, to have an MRA to see if I am okay. I finally gave in and this past Thursday had an MRA of my brain at the Lab.

Next morning, yesterday, I got the wonderful phone call from my internist, also my cardio. I have a 3 mm aneurysm in the right ophthalmic artery leading from the carotid artery. The radiologist suggested an angiogram to investigate--but my two doctors feel before I do anything invasive, they want me to see a neurosurgeon. I made an appointment for 2 weeks from now, and have to bring the actual MRA scan on a CD for him to read.

Nervous as h__l. Interesting, I have been having a vision problem in right eye for at least 8 to 10 years as I have mentioned in previous posts--have seen 3 ophthalmologists, 2 optometrists, a

neuro-ophthalmologist, have had numerous eyeglasses made, with no answers--still have the vision problem. I guess I will find out if this is the reason.

My cardiologist was sweet---when he called and gave me the awful news, I told him that I "inherited all the "good" stuff from my mother"-the Factor V, the APS, plus some other conditions, and his answer to me was but you also inherited her 'charming personality.'

Anyway, wish me luck---I don't think I would like to learn that I need brain surgery.


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  • Hi Mozelle,

    Remember we have "talked" earlier about your Eye and I always speek of warfarin to help. I guess warfarin did not help you with that.

    I do wish you luck! Please let us hear how you get along!


  • Best of luck with your next appointment, do let us know how it goes, and what they decide to do with you. MaryF

  • Scary? Yes. Ignorance may be bliss, but knowledge is power. Good luck and keep us informed.

  • thanks for your replies---I know I'm jumping ahead, but if I have to have an angiogram, I will have to go off the warfarin and inject Lovenox--

    I've ben doing so well with my INR since I've been self-monitoring.

    Just getting a little scared.


  • mozelle I don't blame you. It sounds like you are well looked after. You must have a very good cardiologist. I have similar issues as you. So your post caught my eyes. I'm due to see a Cardio at the end of this week. Usually, when aneurysm is only small, they would keep an eye on it. Hopefully, that would be the case for you. Please keep us updated.

  • thanks for your reply ashfordgreen. You mention you have similar issues and you are due to see a cardiologist,---I'd like to hear about your issues, and how you made out at the cardio.

    I am seeing the neurosurgeon on Sept 18th--I'm pretty nervous about what he is going to tell me, as I picked up the neuro-radiologist report on my MRA and when I read it, there seems to be more going on besides the aneurysm.--something about narrowing of some arteries-- They hopefully may be harmless issues but I don't know. I am also bringing him the CD of the MRA so that he will read it.


  • Hi mozzell thank you for your reply. My Cardio was nice, he wants to arrange some tests. Stay strong. You are not alone in this. Best wishes,

  • Hi Mozelle,

    I am so glad that the self-testing works for you!! That is really good.

    I have found that not only Kay but also you are a brave and wise woman!

    Best of luck from Kerstin

  • Moz best of luck to you , will be thinking of you and let me know how things work out .

    Casey and I :-)

  • thank you all. I made a mistake and wrote that I see the neurosurgeon on the 18th of Sept--it is on the 28th, this Monday. I guess I'll get some answers.


  • Well, I saw the Neurosurgeon on Monday, (the 28th), and he confirmed that I have a brain aneurysm. He said "someone is watching over you" because it was found at this time before it can rupture. He stated that usually the only time they know someone had a brain aneurysm is after it ruptures, and either have a stroke, or don't survive. He also said that the fact I am on Warfarin, if this ever happened it would be catastrophic.

    I am scheduled for a Cerebral Artery Angiogram on Nov 5th. It is a very invasive procedure, and it is done in the hospital. It takes about 2 hours, with dye injected. According to the doctor, it will take about 5 days to completely feel ok afterwards. The Angiogram will tell him just how big, and I will have to have brain surgery to correct it---he will determine which type of surgery after the angiogram.

    My children have to be tested to see if they have it.

    I really am totally scared--but he is a well known brain surgeon, and he only does brain aneurysms.

    I have to see my hematologist, my cardiologist, and my internist 2 weeks before for clearance, and have to have pre-op testing. Also, my hematologist has to determine if I go off the warfarin.

    Please wish me luck.


  • I wish you "good luck" Mozelle!

    Good that you have found such a well known brain surgeon who only do these things.

    Wait to hear from you soon.


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