I shall be away from communication for a while

Hi everybody, I shall be away for a few days, however the forum will still be run well, thank you Dave and Lynn, and few of our long term helpers! I do have a very valid reason for absence, I am off to camp at Glastonbury Festival for 8 days, I am unlikely to be on here much, depending on phone signal, but I shall be back in a few days. Hopefully I will not disappear in the famous mud, myself and family, have survived some of the worst ones.

Mary F

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  • Have a lovely time, you deserve it xx

  • Thank you. MaryFx

  • have a great time, and don't forget the qualities of a mud pack beauty spa treatment!!

  • Not in that mud, normally inhabited by cows the rest of the year... MaryFx

  • Enjoy the festival, you have earned it.

    I am hoping that this year I don't end up cursing it again as I try to get to the Great Western Hospital in Swindon from Devon. The stationary traffic on the M5 last year meant it took five hours ew for a two hour ew journey. I'm trying another route this time.

    Mind you, the hospital in Truro is starting to look more attractive ;-)

  • Well it won't be me... I get there days early and leave late....MaryF

  • Do enjoy -Be Safe- Be Fun - Be Wild -----Just be yourself and have a superfabulous time. and we will look forward for your safe return :-) ;-)

  • Thank you. MaryF x

  • :-)

  • Best wishes to you. MaryF

  • Awesome have a great time!

  • Yes off I go in 5 minutes. MaryFx

  • Have a great time x

  • Back now and thanks for your help x

  • Do watch for feet! And have a good time!

  • Yes there were plenty of feet there! MaryF

  • Lucky thing enjoy!

  • I did, and thanks. MaryF

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