Hello I shall be on here some of the time but with a few gaps!

Hi everybody, I shall be on here over the next two weeks probably here and there, probably when resting. I am in the middle of moving house and at the same time supervising my youngest son's work place in London, so chaos reigns. I actually move house and travel to London on the same day. Our removal is a bit hairy as everybody was booked up due to short notice, and at the very last minute some sudden contract signing, for my never ending chain of conveyancing which caused countrywide temper tantrums and Chinese Whispers with solicitors. So I have not gone away, but may at times be less swift answering questions or searching for info! I am trying drive stuff to the new house by any means possible and all sorts of transport is involved. The lifts I have getting have been interesting of late, but once installed in town I shall be much nearer to things I need for myself and the children.


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  • Ok Mary, good luck. Dave xx

  • I needed that luck! All done and dusted now apart from arrival of decorator, carpenter and builder. MaryFx

  • We will be thinking of you.

    I myself am off for 10 days from the middle of next week. Travelling up one side of the country to St Andrews and then back down the other via the Lake District. I shall try and check in where there is free wifi!

    Och Aye! :-D

  • Sounds like a great trip, are you in a campervan? Have a great time.

  • No but that would have been a good idea! We are treating ourselves to good B&Bs to make sure the beds are decent!

  • What a plan, have fun !

  • Hope you had a fab holiday. MaryFx

  • Wishing you all the best with the move!

  • Thank you, all done now. MaryFx

  • Good luck with it all Mary,

  • Thank you. MaryF

  • Good luck with the move Mary, don,t tire yourself out!,,,,,,Enjoy your break APSnotfab

  • Thanks!

  • Thank you x

  • Hi Mary, It sounds complicated but I hope you have people helping you. I agree with Donnabain about doing too much!

    Love from Stockholm and Kerstin Good luck!

  • Thank you again. MaryFx

  • Ahhhhhh. . . Moving. My birth family stayed in the same house for 16 years, and then moved 4 times in the following 4 years. Mom had an extensive crystal collection and it was my job to wash, polish, and wrap ( just so!) each piece of stemware, then unwrap, wash, polish and reposition each piece. But what began to irk me after the 3rd move was - NOBODY EVER USED THEM! So, at move 4 I did not re-wash and polish them --just put them on the shelf direct from the nespsper padding. ( bad girl!)

    There were 2more moves after that. When Mom went into the nursing home a few years ago and I had to deal with her stuff, I asked my church women's group if they would like to organize the estate sale and keep the profits. They agreed. All were happy with the results--but a couple of the bluest hair ladies could not comprehend why I did not want to keep the huge crystal stemware collection.

    Happy moving! ( is that possible? Until you've been settled for 3months?)

    -- at least it's not winter.


  • All done now, and back on line, but awaiting the guys to turn up and do various jobs including two loft conversions. MaryF

  • Good luck! :)

  • Thank you x

  • Good luck with it all hunny, I am inbetween houses again, also been on hols for 3 weeks myself but tried to get on here when I could......also started 2 self employed businesses plus struggling keeping eldest in line!! which is why I have also moved back some of the time to my house as well as boyfriends...... health up & down too....but I will be on here when ever I can to offer support because you are all my second family & as we know sometimes the only ones that understands each other!! :) hugs to all.......xx

  • Good luck with your various moves also. MaryFx

  • Here in the States, my experience is: just having the contractor show up is 3/4s the battle! And on time? Almost never!

    Good luck!

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