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Positive Acl tests, but asymptomatic. Aspirin or clopidogrel for primary pevention?

Hello everyone ! I have positive blood tests for lupus but except the skin I dont have any significant symptoms. Recently I tested positive for Acl and anti b2 glycoprotein1( no symptoms for this as well ). I was put on Plaquenil. Doc said i should also take clopidogrel . But as i read here aspirin is much more ofter prescribed in this case. Can anyone tell the dif between them, which one is safer. According to my doc aspirin cannot provide enough protection against clotting... i'm really worried about taking clopidogrel as it appears to be more serious medecine... Sorry for my English but this is not my native language :) Thank you !

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Hi, I have all the antibodies positive and I take warfarin.

At first i took Aspirin but I do not have Lupus. What I have learnt here Clopidrogrel is more safe than Aspirin. What is important is, that you doctor who diagnosed you is an APS-Specialist, as very few doctors know this illness which is very rare and uncommon.

If he is an APS-Specialist I think your should follow his recommendation. Most common is that when Aspirin is not enough they go on with warfarin. Usually they suggest warfarin if you have had some clots or DVTs etc but I guess you have not had any of those.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


i'm from Bulgaria and as far as I now there is no APS specialists here :( I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist. I hadnt any clots so far or any of the symptoms listed on the site.


Hello BoBo - Welcome to our site. You should not be worried that you have been put on Clopidogrel instead of Aspirin. Aspirin can be a little harsh on your tummy even the coated ones but Clopidogrel is better for this. They are both anti platelets so will work just as well. I was going to be switched to it before being put onto Heparin. Clopidogrel is more expensive so you are lucky they are prepared to prescribe it.

Being on both Plaquenil and Clopidogrel seems to me like a sensible option, sounds like you have a good Dr.


Glad that APsnotFab tells you this. She knows this illness very well and also has some knowledge of the drugs above.

You obviosly have been very lucky to get a doctor who knows about APS!



Hello, there is some knowledge in Bulgaria, in Sofia. Some medical papers here with names from your country:

Best of luck to you, it does sound like you are being give some good advice. I enclose the above links to medical papers so that you can see that there is knowledge in your country, which I know well by the way, i frequently holiday in Bulgaria, welcome to our site. MaryF


Thank you for the replies. Does it mean that I can take either Aspirin or clopidogrel, as they have the same action? Do aspirine provide the same protection? I'm more willing to take aspirin because from what I read on the web clopidogrel is reserved for those who cannot tolarate aspirine, because it has more serious side effects. And one last question : I should be retested in three months if the antibodies are still there. Jf they are still positive will I be diagnosed as having APS (in the absence of events)?


You will be fine to take the Clopudogrel that your medical consultant wishes you to take. Please do talk to them about it also. MaryF


Halo I have been on clopidpgrel for two years after a TIA. Reason being I have had a dudenal ulcer that perforated. Causes bruises but had bruises before going on it anyway. Now been told history and bloods APS but need to put rule MS and other things? Confused and up/down. Take medicine as good for clotting problems. Good luck x


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