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Hi everybody, sorry I haven't posted for months but I haven't been in the 'right mind frame' . As it says in the name of the posting,I have been turned down ( twice ) for PIP. The woman came to my house to see me in person to assess me. Eventually I got the decision. Apparently I was so confident that I didn't even need anybody with me ( My son took time off work to be with me ! ) Also I couldn't do much in the kitchen,because of my balance NO it was because I have very little feeling in my right hand. There were various other discrepancies. But I won't bore you with them. Apart from to say I was 1 point off receiving the lowest payment. Which after waiting since Jan 2014 I would have been very happy with.

So I went to Citizens Advice , and we appealed the decision. Stating the discrepancies,and sending proof ie. Letters from my Neurologist,Professor and Gp.. But to no avail. !!

So as you can gather I'm not happy ! I've lost my Self Employed business as a Driving Instructor. My Driving School car is up for sale this week. Also my Gp has put me on antidepressant s again !

So I am going to a face to face Tribunal. When I get the date for it. What have I got to lose.?? I've lost my car and business.

Sorry for my rant. But I just can't believe that people can tell blatant lies and get away with it ! !

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Sorry to hear your news, is your MP any good? You are right appeal it is so unfair and wrong, it is bad enough being ill without being penalized! Keep you spirits up and stay posting on here, many are in the same boat. MaryF x

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I'm so sorry to hear this bad news. It is very unfortunate that we should live in a 21st century where those of us suffering these autoimmune diseases should be denied that very welfare safety net we've paid into all our lives, when we eventually really need it.

I thought the UN was investigating the DWP regarding human rights abuses against the chronically sick and disabled in the UK, but that seems to have disappeared under a "News Blackout".

I hope that hearing concludes with a more favourable outcome for you. Good luck, and please never give up, okay?


Please sign up to "Benefits and Work" website and get their guides. They will be better than anyone else to help you through this.


Thanks for the advice. I will register online on Friday,(when I get some cash) Thanks x


Oh gosh

I understand totally as I am in the same situation. ...

have worked 36 yrs full time, but now my right hand side paralysis - in hand unexplained, in leg - 3rd dvt - has me totally housebound and unable to cook or shop

I spend 5hrs from 5am- 11am in a blurred sleepy stupor from taking pregabalin, rivaroxaban & tramadol - am semi composmentos from 11am to 3pm but cant concentrate on a book or crossword for more than 20-30 mins at a time. Cant garden or housework - kniy sew or embroider, and have been off work since 12th nov.

I tried to sell my mortgaged home for 3 months but no buyers out there - so now living on 73.10 per week ESA for 12 months only as I am a home owner.....!!!

No - I rent it from the bank

I have no dependants and I am seperated from my its all pretty bleak.

a great reward for working 50-60hrs a week all my life. Age 52 so still 52yrs till I qualify for a state pension

its got me so stressed I dont know where to turn



Hi,I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. My parting comment when I had a meeting face to face for a Blue Badge was "I don't tick the boxes,its not as straight forward as that.Also I don't know how to"play" the system".

Its so frustrating ! That's why I've decided to go to a Tribunal. What have I got to lose ? Nothing ! Just because we look "' sometimes,sort of human/or alive we are OK.. the "professional decision makers"

Have you applied or been refused for Pip ?

I'm not bitter and twisted haha !


I really feel for you - its enough to make you hit the bottle (then we may qualify - alcoholism is better understood....!!!)

Yes applied for & refused PIP


Sorry to hear that. I have also been refused PIP. I have mild muscular dystrophy and a pacemaker. I find doing anything physical very tiring. But because I am able to stand on my own, get dressed myself etc I was told I didn't qualify for PIP. I do find how they assess and award PIP a bit of a joke. The only way anyone could properly assess me is if they spend more than 10 minutes with me. I have decided to go to tribunal but I doubt I will win. It's worth a try though I guess. Hope you get a positive result


Hi, Have you got a date for your tribunal ? I'm away in July for a fortnight and my CAB advisor is away after that. So I reckon it will be August before I go to tribunal. Fingers crossed for us both. Remember ! We have nothing left to lose !! So all we can do,is hope that they see sense and they "try" and have some understanding for our situation.


Not got a date yet. I have asked for one but had no reply. Been told it could be awhile and it could be awhile before I hear a decision. Unfortunately I have now started a job thanks to the Job centre and I'm really struggling with it because of health. Don't know if I have any other choice though.


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