Got a date for pip assessment

Hi, thought I would let you all know, I HAVE my date for my pip assessment. 10th Feb. I've been waiting since Jan 2014. So fingers crossed ! I have learned to " get round " some of my problems ( but its nearly 2 years of practice ) But my job needs confidence which I deffinatly DONT have (Driving Instructor )

Any advice gladly received

Christine x

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  • Sorry I do not know what is pip assessment?

    As I remember you were going to see a doctor in January again. Have you been to that doctor?

    Did you find an APS-Specialist?

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Hi, PIP assessment is to see whether you are eligible for a monthly payment from the Government. ( that's a very basic explanation )

    Yes I've seen a Specialist, she was lovely. I didn't put a post on the Forum,because much to her annoyance she hasn't got all the tests arranged yet. Because Christmas and New Year were in between my appointments, so I am waiting for dates for several Tests and Scans.

    I have had a kidney function test.

    When I spoke to her earlier this month. She said I had pronounced APS and 70% Kidney function. But that's all I know at the moment. Not that I understand that really ! At least its not in my mind !

    Christine xx

  • Forgive me if I have mentioned this before, but check out the Benefits and Work website for some tips.

    Good Luck

  • Thanks, I've just had a read of it. Thanks again for the link. Very informative.

    Christine x

  • id would also advise you join B&W and follow their advice guides.

  • It is quite evident that I should not be here!

    I thought it was some sort of examination or operation.


  • Not at all ! I wish I could " even" speak another language never mind write in one. As fluently as you do ! Xx

  • Thank you. Good for my confidence.

    I wish you good luck with everything!


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