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Is there a link between APS and depression?

I'm thinking of depression as a direct symptom of APS rather than the depression that many of us with AI diseases end up with because it's so hard coping with them and with life as a result.

I've suffered from depression on and off for years. I always seem to get bad side effects with ADs so have been looking into high dose fish oils as an alternative. Apparently they work with depression because they boost the phospholipid layer in the brain. They are also, anecdotally at least, good blood thinners. I just wondered if the reverse might be true - if with depression there is a thin phospholipid layer, if you have APS, does that mean the phospholipid layer is vulnerable and can therefore predispose a person to depression??

Hope I'm making sense here! )not sure I've even got all the terminology right with my sieve brain being how it is!)


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I do know what you mean! Im not sure there is any proven link to depression but taking good quality fish oil is always a good idea and cannot do you any harm. I have been to a couple of lectures by Prof Puri who has done a lot of research on this subject and advocates this brand. Take a look at this link as there is some interesting stuff on here and also google him.


Hi there - omega fish oils, I take those, they are good for depression and also have an anti inflammatory effect in the body, be sure to take omega fish oil rather than cod liver oil, as cod liver oil can be over dosed on, and is not classed as a food because of this, but omega fish oil is classed as a food. A tin of sardines or salmon has a similar effect. Regarding depression, I think the struggle of autoimmune can make us all feel very tired and run down and the struggle in some cases with all of this can lead to depression. However another factor to take into account bearing in mind the trio of disease which Professor Hughes himself talks about: Hughes Syndrome, Sjogrens and Thyroid issues.

An untreated thyroid condition can cause dreadful depression if not picked up and monitored.

The does and don'ts of fish oil - reasons to be careful with cod liver oil:

and omega fish oils:

However I think it best to take a normal dose of something daily, rather than huge super doses or just eat the fish.

Mary F x


Thank you!

Yes it's actually Prof Puri's book I've been reading - very interesting :)

Thanks Mary. I (so far) have been diagnosed with coeliacs, hypothyroid and APS. My sister has coeliacs, sjogrens, and possibly hypothyroid and APS. so I guess between us we have Prof Hughes's trio well and truely covered ;)

I suspect a big part of my depression is because I went so long with I diagnosed coeliac disease and very badly managed thyroid disease, so my poor body just couldn't cope!

As a side note - if you pass the dry eye test, does that definitely rule out sjogrens?

Susie x


I am not sure about APS and depression being definitely linked, however Prof Hughes believes Sjogrens causes depression. I seem to have had depressive tendencies my whole life, but many times it was put down to anxiety or post natal depression.

I have tried to manage without antidepressants but I can't.

With regard to dry eye test, I don't have particularly dry eyes and did not have totally dry schermers ( sp) but I have positive bloods. Yet my son had a very dry eye test but no positive bloods.


re sjogrens i had bone dry eyes on testing with other sicca manifestations but only weak positive ANA & negative ENA so was told i didnt have sjogrens! However i do believe going through the hormonal imbalances with menopause has also increased the dryness and through my experience believe it has made my inr fluctuate and cause problems! Interesting theory about depression - i have low days but always get over them quickly but when i was feeling so unwell fatigued etc i was labelled depressed but that sadly left to not being properly investigated its hard to determine i guess what is a degree of expected anxiety/depression with living with a condition when one can feel so ill & depression through imbalances in the chemicals in the brain - kx


Well I am feeling thoroughly depressed tonight. Having just asked for my 6 monthly Vit D injection which my GP started a year ago but now I have just been told that I cant have it and not only that but IF my blood test is not deficient I cant have anymore tablets either and even if it is deficient (25 or less) they will only give them for 8 weeks and then I have to buy my own because its classed as a food!

Well as you can imagine I have just bashed off a suitably worded response to that together with studies and the odd remark about thinking it was a hormone but then Im not a Doctor!!

What is the bloody point of seeing specialists who write letters saying I need to have it if they are just going to ignore them.

This was a hitherto nice accommodating GP who is now succumbing to CCG protocols as a partner in this practise. I was also told that one of my other meds was also not going to be prescribed either as I had been on it too long so I asked for something else and back came the reply it could only be prescribed by a specialist. So I have asked to be referred to one!! They cant have it both ways.

Sorry for the rant but as I have said in another post only a couple of weeks ago, Im sure they just want us to go away quietly, curl up and die.


Sorry to hear you've been on the receiving end of the proposed CCG changes :( I think we are all going to face some serious challenges once the government pushes through the legislation. I see a future where you will have to pay for the privilege of having necessary medication - alright for those who can afford it, not so good for those who can't! I hope your letter has some impact - keep us posted x


Thanks Kate. I feel quite miserable this morning. My GP also (in the same email) asked for me to have my Thyroid checked but I had it done when at St T in December so called them this morning to ask for the results so that I could give them to the GP and save them repeating the test and therefore some money. Guess what, the results were sent to the GP! You have to wonder if they bother to read results and letters sent to them. I feel like I am managing my own healthcare and Im just biting my lip now about saying something given the dig that was made about me being "informed". God only knows where I would be if I was not.


Depression is one of he symptoms of APS as it can affect the brain.

Unfortunately the term has been bandied around a bit and is not feeling 'fed up' over something etc.

Depression makes you feel as though you are sitting at the bottom of a big dark pit and there is no way out!

I have suffered from Clinical Depression for many years and like you have had severe reactions to medication. I do find that diet, exercise and counselling help but I have also had homoeopathy which was really beneficial for me.

Hope you find the fish oils help x


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