Anyone had any luck with PIP?

Hello everyone,

I have recently been turned down for PIP despite being advised I would qualify for it. Had the assessment which was only short and all I was asked to do was stand on one leg and put my arms out in front of me. I answered the questions and I will say most things I am able to do. Getting dressed, preparing meals etc. However, due to my Mild Muscular Dystophy and having a pacemaker due to that condition I find doing physical things very tiring. I can walk a little distance but if I do too much walking or lifting etc I can get very tired. When I used to do P.E at school if I did too much I would be in bed for days resting. I told them all this and they say that someone like me does not qualify. I have since started a full time job last Monday as I was on Job Seekers, therefore had to apply for full time jobs despite my condition. This is in a bank in Birmingham and I'm finding it very difficult to cope. I have only ever been a teaching assistant working in schools and found that suited me more as shorter hours and school holidays off. I don't see what other choice I have other than to keep going and struggle on. I'm only 27 and find myself struggling with depression and not knowing where to turn. I have asked for a reconsideration on the PIP decision and that was turned down also. I have appealed and been told it will go to court. I have asked for assistance from a Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Officer and they will submit supporting information on my behalf. I'm not very hopeful I will win though. Any information or advice and what I could do would be very welcome.

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  • This organisation are, to my mind, the experts. I used their parent organisation when I worked for the CAB. You might like to have a look through their website and maybe join.

    Best of luck


  • Thanks for the advice

  • I went to tribunal and wan my case with ESA..but I don't qualify for disability(which I think is PIP!) I struggle on....have you heard about (black triangle)..worth a look !

  • Hi there I got PIP and I never ever have t be tested again I did not even have to see anyone if I can help you in any way I will x

  • Thanks, how was you able to get PIP?

  • Its mostly evidence I got all my hospital notes and GP notes that shows how many visits and what you went there for all medications and all side effects if your on very strong pain medication due to health and safety you can't work as your not safe also you get drug tested in many places these days you would fail every time if you give enough evidence you should be ok

  • The only other help might be the occupational Health Department at your work place.

    Good luck with it Ann

  • I have DLA for life but will need to be assessed for PIP at some point. I won 3 tribunals for DLA

  • What did you need to do for your tribunals and how did you win?

  • Hi

    Could you ask your GP and Consultant for supporting documentation about your limitations that are sometimes not evident in a short medical examination, as I'm sure they will have to take these into consideration, as both are medically qualified, and know you very well.

    Take care


  • Will try and get a consultant to help. Thanks for the advice Lynzy

  • hi i recently got pip.....nothing for mobility..i can walk but higher rate daily have to remember this is a benefit for how your illness affects your daily living....the assessment is on purely that letters from anyone will help....they will not even read them!

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