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I have had a ferritin result and it showed my levels to be 40.3. I have been suffering with a thinning hair line and the Dr's believe I have discoid lupus or lichen planus of the scalp. I already have primary aps the Dr has advised I use betnavate lotion on my head and iron supplement to get my levels above 70. Is 40.3 low then....still awaiting biopsy result from 7 weeks ago and blood test for antibodies 11 weeks ago.

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  • It is really good that they have picked this up, also get them to look at your levels of B12 and also vitamin D, and crucially also your Thyroid, unfortunately the TSH test is not terribly reliable, took years for mine to show up on there but, it can also if out of kilter cause thinning hair and actual hair loss, if they are already doing the other tests it will not be any trouble to add the additional blood panel on. MaryF

  • Thanks Mary have mentioned it before they didn't seem to want to test the other things but will mention,it again...I have put myself on a b12 supplement as the Dr said it won't hurt to do so :-)

  • Agree with everything especially the B12 - low ferritin can be linked to B12 deficiency and again (just like the thyroid) you can be "in range" but still deficient. Anything below 400 will be and in some countries they will supplement you under 500. It is deemed a grey area. You should also remember that B12 deficiency causes neurological problems which are NOT reversible once you start to take supplements. If you are deficient you will need injections not oral supplements.

    My husband is going through this now. He was low on both and has developed a neuropathy. We have just found out his Mother was anaemic and had injections! It was only my suggestion that made the GP test him!

    Also be very careful with Betnavate. It can cause skin thinning and is a restricted lotion now. Its a very strong steroid cream and should be used very sparingly. My feeling is that you need to get to the cause of your thinning hair not treat the symptoms. Far more likely to improve with thyroid and B12, Ferritin, Vit D all in the right ranges.

  • Thanks for your response I'm awaiting biopsy and blood test results got a follow up app but not till June will mention all that you have both advised. Will contact Dr about iron supplement too to make sure I am on enough. Have to go hospital for repeat ferritin test this week

  • 40.3 is low, most folks feel better when it is 80 or 100. I'm currently trying to raise my level (I have lupus and Sjogren's and am hypo). I know I will feel better when my level is higher.

  • Thanks milkwoman the gp said 40.3 was fine then the hospital said no it wasn't that's what confused me they said they want it at least 70 but preferably more

  • Yeah, my GP said 19 for me was "fine" since it was "in range". I knew better. ;-)

  • That's why I'm so grateful for this site

  • Me, too! :-)

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