Does a rituximab therapy help to lower anticardiolipin antibodies levels??

I´ve been diagnosed with Hughe´s Syndrome and Lupus twelve years ago. I´ve had a miscarriage early this year. Mis doctors tell me that I shouldn´t try another pregnancy due to my high levels of anticadiolipin antibodies. One of them suggested me to take rituximab to lower those levels. Does anyone has had experience with this new medicine??

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  • So far, only very small studies have been carried out with Hughes and Rituximab but the findings have been very encouraging. It is widely used to treat lupus. I hope someone answers who has actual experience of it though!

  • Thank you Kate. I really want to become pregnant again but i´m scared of having another miscarriage. I am doing some research about rituximab. Also, i´ve read a lot of succesfull cases of women with Hughes Syndrome and Lupus having their healthy babies. I still don´t know what to do.

  • Many women with Hughes and/or lupus go on to have successful pregnancies so don't give up yet. Why don't you get yourself referred to a specialist - perhaps the APS pregnancy clinic at St Thomas' or the Recurrent Miscarriage Unit at St Mary's in Paddington - I'm sure they will be able to help you decide what to do.

  • Thank you Kate, but i´m in mexico. Do you know someone or some clinic in this region i can visit??

  • Mmm - I can't help you with a clinic but I do know there is a very widely published Mexican APS researcher called Guillermo Ruiz-Irastorza - he has collaborated with Dr Munther Khamashta (one of our charity's trustees). Maybe you could do a search on him and see where he is based - they might be able to point you to a clinician. Worth a try?

  • Hi Kate. I´ve been websearching Guillermo Ruiz-Irastorza but haven´t found any e-mail or phone number to contact him. Would you have his e-mail by any chance?? I will continue looking for more information about him, it seems like he´s in a clinic in Spain.Thank you for your support.

    As a matter fact, in 1999 i went to London to see Dr. Hughes and also met Dr. Khamashta, they made me a lot of lab work. Sadly, my lab results haven´t changed over the years.

  • Sorry but I don't have any contact details for him but I'm sure one of the research papers should have a contact as a starting point.

    Nice to hear you met with Dr Hughes and Dr Khamashta all those years ago - they're both still around!

  • Thank you Kate for your support. I will keep doing some research and visiting other doctors. I will keep in touch.

    Best regards,

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