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raised parathyroid hormone

Good afternoon to all, Yesterday I went to GP to discuss my vitamin D levels as I had some blood taken a couple of weeks ago to check this. Anyway, the result wasn't back from the lab, but the result was there from the sample which they took to measure parathyroid hormone level which they apparently measure in conjunction with Vit D level. This level was raised so I was wondering if this has happened with anyone else and what the outcome was. Of course I came home and straight away Googled it ( I know Drs say not to do this, but I did!!!) So I was wondering if anyone can tell me the reality from their experience as I am somewhat concerned and very curious.

Many thanks, Linda

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Was this the calcitonin or another?


I'm not sure, the GP did say that my calcium levels were fine.


Hi there, autoimmune thyroid issues are common with a host of autoimmune conditions, including Hughes.. I have hypothyroidism, although, despite the full and obvious clinical symptoms, nearly every one of them... I failed and NHS test, lots do... I took a much more detailed private test and passe d it with bells on. Your doc should be able to help you with this. Google away, as long as you are reading good verified medical information it is fine" Mary F x


Calcitonin is made by parathyroid, it regulates uptake and expulsion of calcium, I think that may be the one they checked....

I have to get mine done yearly.


Do you have any thyroid problems that you know of?


No, not that I am aware of.


I think there is a bit of confusion regarding 'Thyroid' and 'Parathyroid'.

The thyroid is the butterfly shaped gland situated in the middle of the base of the throat and is responsible for producing thyroxine. The parathyroids are 4, tip of the little finger or smaller sized glands, that sit either side of the thyroid. This being said sometimes they are found down in the top of the chest.

As Kristina says it is the parathyroid glands that produce the hormone responsible for calcium production.

I had a benign tumour on one of my parathyroid glands and it went into overdrive producing far to much calcium which my body tried to dump by taking it out of the bones and sending it through my kidneys and causing kidney stones and other symptoms that could easily be confused with Hughes synmptoms. I had to have surgery to remove the offending gland and one other, surgeon must have been scalpel happy! It is a tricky op as they are very hard to find as they are so small.

Please don't be alarmed by this bit of my history Aubretia, as it is quite a rare condition and as we all know we can get all sorts of bllod results for differing reasons.

As for google I would never have found out that I had Hughes if I hadn't looked. As Mary says read the verified stuff.

Let us know what happens

x sue


Thanks Sue for your reply with your description of your history. Your story very much bears out what I read on the internet so we will see what happens. I was interested in your description of the symptoms it produced as, currently, I have been feeling much more weary and worn out than usual and am now wondering if the raised parathyroid levels may have something to do with it.

I smiled to myself when I read Mary's absolutely correct advice about reading verified literature as I used to teach research methodology as part of my job, however, I must admit, when first reading the available info on parathyroid levels that I just fell upon it and it wasn't until later that I became more circumspect and selective about what I read. so thanks Mary for that very timely reminder!

I will keep you informed about developments and am grateful to hear from everyone.



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