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Positive ESR blood test and potential APLS

Hi all,

I have recently undergone my 2nd batch of tests for APLS following the loss of our daughter due to HELLP syndrome and extreme prematurity. I'm getting my results in 2 weeks time. In the meantime, my GP ordered some tests because I was worried about my general health. Those all came back normal (i.e. no diabetes, thyroid etc) except for my ESR, the one for inflammation.

I've had a repeat ESR and that has come back positive again. I have to see my GP next week but I am wondering if this could just be an indicator of the Hughes Syndrome (potentially) or something else. I'm not asking you guys to speculate what that 'something else' might be, just whether those of you with a diagnosis ever have your ESR come back positive/high

thanks in advance

jen x

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Mine came back normal, but my doctor was checking it because broadly speaking some autoimmune issues sometimes raise it. I also tested negative for lupus which is an example of something that can raise it. This isn't meant to suggest you have lupus.


Hello Jen.

I have not heard of ESR, so I guess it has not been mentioned on here as relating to APS/Hughes but it is an interesting theory.

Have you looked at the charity website?

Where are you from?

Best wishes.



I think ESR in the US is called a sed rate. I was told that this is a measure of activity in the blood and that a high said rate can mean nothing or an autoimmune condition or a passing minor viral infection.


I have a slightly elevated sed rate. I believe it's a test for RA which is autoimmune. Mine has been elevated long before being diagnosed with APS.


Hi there.

First of all I'm so very sorry for the loss of your daughter.

I had my 2 sons prior to being diagnosed. I had severe pre eclampsia and both were small for gestation but thankfully I got to full terms with no lasting effects.

I've often got a raised ESR and other inflammation markers in my blood work. I'm unsure whether these are linked to APS or the other weird and wacky things that occur in my body.

I hope you can get some answers soon. Xxx


Thank you Tiny, I really appreciate your thoughts. xxx


Sorry to hear of your loss, I enclose these papers for your information alongside the advise to read the charity pages you have already received:



Thank you for all your helpful links and comments. I think there are some weird and wacky things going on in my body. Hopefully the next few weeks will give me some answers. We really want to try for another baby this year but these tests are hanging over us.

Loves to you all for being so kind xxx


Sorry for the loss of your baby. I have lost babies due to APS, it's a very painful process to be going through. I always seem to have a raised CRP level which is also an inflammation marker and I have positive lupus anticoagulant. I have a primary diagnosis of APS, so no other auto immune conditions. I cant comment on ESR as no one has mentioned it to me so guessing it was normal. I hope you get answers that you deserve xxx


Hi there,

I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter. I hope you and your doctor find some answers with your next lot of bloods. It is not an easy condition to get your head around-I was diagnosed with primary APS in 2008 while pregnant and feel that I am only now finally understanding it all. My specialist does include the ESR test when she does my checks (every 6 months-1 year). This is the note I found on the bottom of my blood results (not sure if it sheds any light for you). I think my last ESR result was within normal range.

"Elevation in CRP indicates disease activity of an inflammatory, infective or neoplastic nature. CRP is a more sensitive early indicator of an acute phase response than is the ESR. It also returns towards normal more rapidly with improvement or resolution of the disease process."

Future pregnancy with APS can be successful with close management so don't lose hope. Thinking of you. xx


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