Medication Win!

Just goes to show, you don't ask you don't get!

My INR invariably goes haywire whenever I travel, get sick, am tired, am flaring (Lupus), change my exercise routine... Which more or less leaves me at the warfarin clinic every week. I believe I once had a 6 week gap between appointments. In nearly 4 years that's the longest time I've spent away from the surgery.

I'm going on holiday on Monday for 10 days. My INR still hasn't stabilised from my long weekend in Barcelona at the beginning of August. I asked the GP for Clexane instead as I don't really want to fly with my INR at 2.1 on warfarin, without an appointment for 2 weeks. After much humming and procrastinating, I chipped in that I really wanted to discuss maybe off licence trialling me on dabigatran or rivaroxaban when I get back. Suddenly Clexane for 2 weeks didn't seem like such an unreasonable request.

Yippeekayay! Not sure anyone reasonably sane should be this happy about self injecting for a fortnight but I'm just sad like that :)

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  • Hi

    Well done. Injecting is not that bad, I've been injecting Fragmin for two and a half years now.


  • Yeah it's not that bad, I've been on and off Clexane before too.

    The worst bit is the stinging for a few minutes after! I don't reckon I'll be able to tell the difference between that and the insect in Majorca though... ;)

  • Indeed jojo.


  • Do it really slowly and it won't sting too much!

  • After Clexane for just over a year I'm now on Rivaroxaban + 100mg Aspirin. It's easier than a bunch of bruises all over tummy and thighs but be aware there is no test per se to check levels. It means I'm more likely to have a bleed (internally) and no real way of testing anticoags. So it's not necessarily the "best" solution for everyone.

    Enjoy your holiday!!

  • Well done, really does go to show that you need to ask if that's what you feel you need. I inject myself every night with clexane it's not that bad just remember to pinch the skin where you are going to inject so its not as sore when the needle goes in, and try not to rub afterwards to avoid bruising. Enjoy your holiday xx :)

  • Let UBS know how this vacation after effects compares with previous!

    Have a good time!

  • Happy to report back that I'm easing back on to warfarin with no discernible instability this time.

    Also no pain on holiday! Though I think that was down to the sheer heat last time when it was 32 degrees in Barcelona left me feeling really bruised all over within 8 hours of landing. This time the max was 27 degrees and I was able to hide under a parasol for the worst parts of the day.

    Hopefully I'll have a few more years before sun sensitivity hits me any harder than that, I can't imagine summer without sunshine!

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