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How can I boost my immune system?



I have Antiphospholipid syndrome and for the passed 6 weeks I have been unwell with one thing after another. I have had a Bacterial Infection, 24 hr on vomiting, issues with chesty cough, colds and now another chesty cough with a cold.

This is getting me down, cannot take any more time off work due to sickness reports that the company have.

Going to Doctors tomorrow to see if they can help to boost my immune system.

Does any one have any advise who has or going through the same problem.

Thak you for your time in reading my problem.

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Hi, I think it is good you are going to the GP, they may have some ideas for you. Do get them to check the status of you vitamin D, B and Iron levels with a blood test as if any of these are out, it can stop you from being as well as you possibly could be, while of course taking into account your diagnosis. For me it is about diet and exercise, which I hope helps me to some extent. However I do not have the dietary constraints that Warfarin can cause! As that is not one of my drugs. I hope they can help you, do explain the pressure you are being put under at work due to being off ill when you clearly can't help it. MaryF

I totally agree with my colleague Mary.



Thank you for the reply, am vitamin B12 deficiency, I have to have injections every 3 months.

At the moment I have lost a 1 1/2 stone, this has taken 1 1/2 years to loose, I do try and walk as and when I can. I have to you around 2 miles a days any way to and from home the bus every morning.

Lets see what happen tomorrow.

Once again

Thank you

If that chesty cough continues, I'd get an x-ray. After a couple of weeks of seeing 2 different doctors in urgent care, and finally my GP, they all heard raspy lungs and would keep prescribing different antibiotics. Finally a chest x-ray showed the snow storm going on inside. Diagnosed pneumonia. But I got worse within another week, high fever and pain took me to the ER and a closer look found the multiple clots in both lungs and my diagnosis of APS. Logic says that bad bronchial infection 2 months earlier triggered it.

The main point: be proactive if different doctors are involved; a simple x-ray to be sure.

Afterwards my immunity SUCKED for 2-3 years. Had another pneumonia exactly a year later and kept catching every bug that came along. I think damaged tissue in my lungs just took a long time to recover and made me susceptible. Then the last year or 2, knock on wood, I haven't caught anything at all. But I did change my diet over a year ago to mainly fruits, almonds, walnuts, 0% greek yogurt, avocado, humus, oatmeal, beans and fish to drop cholesterol because my doc wanted me on a statin. My LDL dropped like a rock and surprisingly so did the weight, opposite to what I expected with chowing down on almonds, beans and avocados. (I have a tree :-)

Bowel movements improved too, perhaps from the dried prunes, ha. But most important, maybe my immunity was able to recover. Other than good cholesterol results, blood work remained the same (low WBC and platelets)

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