How long should it take for antibiotics to leave the system?

Long story short.... I was prescribed 500mg amoxicillin 3/day for 10 days. Which is a lot! Anyhow, I thought I'd try 2/day and see how I got on, so I took 2 on Wednesday. When I woke up yesterday I was already feeling weird and should have immediately recognised the signs of an oncoming migraine. But didn't - duh. So I took another amoxicillin at lunchtime. Had a sleep, woke up with a raging migraine. Still raging now, despite no further amoxicillin and several migraine remedies, both pharmaceutical and dietary.

How long should I expect the effects of the amoxicillin to take to die down before I decide what's causing what?

I'm also on prednisolone (15mg) and that also tends to give me migraines so I guess the two drugs in tandem were just way over the top for my sensitive system. Maybe also the fact that I'm on steroids will mean it takes longer for the effects of the amoxicillin to wear off?

Any thoughts anyone?

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  • I really don't know the answer I would suggest you ring the pharmacy who prescribed them for advice. They should be able to tell all the interactions.

  • Im a little concerned that you have started an antibiotic and not finished the course. The problem with doing this means that you can become immune to their use in the future so that when you really need them to work they will not do so which is why they always tell you to finish a course. Added to that is the reason they gave you antibiotics in the first place......your Doctor obviously thought they were necessary so its really important that you do take them or that you speak to your GP to either get something else to replace them that you will not react to or seek advise about what your GP wants you to do.

  • Yeah, I know all that, thanks, and you're right ... but ... I have to respond to my own body and do what feels right for me. I basically can't tolerate about 99% of prescription drugs, including antibiotics! So even though I know I need them in some ways, it's just too bad, I'll just have to tough it out. Anyhow, I did speak to the GP and tell her what I was doing. And I'll be seeing the consultant on 4th March so we can negotiate ways forward then. Oooooh, that'll be 'fun'! I feel a bit sorry for her, actually :-).

    Feeling a bit better today, without the antibiotics. Though I noticed that I felt a bit migrainy again after the 15mg steroids - so they're gonna have to go as well!

  • Oh, and doc said about 24-48 hours to get amoxicillin out of system, if that's of interest to anyone else.

  • That's not actually how antibiotic resistance works. The pathogen becomes resistant, not the patient. If the antibiotic is causing bad side affects it may be advisable to discontinue and switch to another drug that will knock out the infection.

  • Good advice..not a human experience, it was my kitty..but same thing, she was prescribed doxyocylin but after 3 days started having seriously bad fitts nearly lost her...stopped emediately, took her two days to fully recover.

  • Hi, I see you have just joined our forum, this is for people with APS/Hughes - you have also posted to a 4 year old post? Did you mean to land here and have you a diagnoses for APS?

    If so, tell us a bit more about yourself.

  • Um, not clear who this question is addressed to - me or the previous poster, presumably mksmith971? I've been here for years!

  • Yes sorry it was meant for mksmith971

  • I ave multiple drug allergies and amoxicillin is off my list. I usually go with eruthromycin and some others whose names I can't recall. It is important that your GP recognize your allergies/sensitivities because there probably are antiibiodics which you can take.

  • I now react very badly to amoxicillin, - most antibiotics upset me.. and my hands and feet swell up...However during my last course.. I stuck them out.. to the end, taking anti allergy pills at the same time. to get on top of the infection.. as I have five conditions... and I needed to take something.. I felt that if I changed them I would still be reacting to the first lot! However I did clear the infection. Mary F x

  • Thanks Mary. What are the allergy pills? Are they prescribed or OTC?

    I clearly DO need something so will have to get on top of this somehow. And I agree about 'swapping horses midstream'. JudyC

  • I think we are all different. My psoriatic arthropathy and lupus amongst the other things causes me problems.. however or the sneezing i had which was off the scale until going gluten free... the only drug which worked for me was phenigren, but many can't tolerate it! You can get them prescribed which I did, but I believe also over the counter. MaryF x

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