What can I take for my Cough?

Hi everyone, I woke up on Friday morning with a sore throat and runny nose, but was unconcerned as I had the Flu Jab last month. I have got steadily worse and now have the most awful wheezy cough and ache all over! As a result I have had hardly any sleep for the last two nights! I am on daily Warfarin and my INR is just beginning to stabilise.Does anyone know what is is safe to take to help my cough?

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  • I would personally advise you to take paracetamol and to get some Friars Balsam, an old fashioned remedy my mother used to use but works really well. You put a teas spoon in a bowl of really hot preboiled water and then put your head over the bowl with a towel over your head. This helps to clear your nasal passages and what's going down to your chest so you can breathe more easily. It will help with the cough. If you do this regularly you will see some improvement. If you get worse you should speak to NHS Direct but this Flu bug is rife at the moment so stay inside tucked up and warm.

    Feel better soon xx

  • Thanks for the advice - I have been taking Paracetamol, but of course that doesn't help the cough. I will get some Friars Balsam - and have a go. xx

  • I'm so sorry you're sick! Watch this. It's very informative and he's very handsome! The Doctors is a very popular TV show here. You can find any question and answer you need. Some are very funny. Here is how to identify a cough. Love, Canary Hope it helps.


  • Thanks for that - he can come and listen to my cough any time he likes! xx

  • Hi there, try and sleep as propped up as possible... the flatter you are the more you will cough.. you need those nursey styled pillows ie two as a v and one across the top. I am only on aspirin so don't have personal INR complications to contend with - sot I make up a jar of lemon slices, usually around three unwaxed lemons, lots of grated ginger and half a jar of honey, mixed up with boling water over the top... it is stirred up and kept in the fridge, I dig into it over the period I am ill, a couple of desert spoons with boiling water in a mug, keeps really well and coats my throat. I currently have chundering bronchitis.. and I like to think it aids my sulking a bit. Mary F x

  • Mary. sorry to hear you are ill as well. The concoction you describe is one I would have taken in the past but sadly with Warfarin lemon and ginger need to be avoided. I usually find chocolate stops me being grumpy, but alas, even that makes me cough at the moment. So I am very gently knitting to take my mind off it all! New Year celebrations have been postponed in our house until I am more human again. I like to think that by being ill now, I am leaving the way clear for a healthy 2013! Hope you feel better soon. Love & hugs. Jan. xx

  • Yes I thought as much! However definitely the sleeping propped up is easing things for me, as soon as I lie flat it all goes bananas! May we both progress into the New Year with a huge improvement... there are so many different coughs around currently... everybody I met over Christmas had a different type, it made me want to start an orchestra! M x

  • Now there is a thought - a coughing orchestra - that should raise some money for the foundation - people would pay us to go away!

  • A youTube video of edited coughs coughing out "Jingle Bells.". I can hear/ see it now. Am I rembering something that's already out there?

  • The possibilities are endless - it would be a cacophony of sound! Lucky we all still have our sense of humour - I am sure that is all that keeps me going some days!

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