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How stupid can i get

My Daughter is getting married on Saturday.

I had an appointment for a flu vaccine today, didn't even think I might get side effects eg. mild flu symptom

I have had several before and my arm just ached for a while.slight headache.

But knowing my luck it will be worse this time, she will never forgive me neither would I ,how stupid I would never have done this If I had a brain!

Love Karen xx

Fingers crossed

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Hi there, lots of rest and... the best of luck for Saturday Mary F x


Not every one will have side effects to these injections. I used to and now nothing.

Don't worry, enjoy your daughters big day.


Daisy its all in the mind!! Take paracetamol for your aching arm and you will be fine. I have had the flu and pneumonia jab and just got the arm bit so put it out of your mind and get busy getting yourself looking beautiful for the big day. You are all going to have a wonderful day on Saturday.

Send her our best wishes too!! X



I hope you coping ok and please please send us a blog and photos of your daughters wedding .



No side effects absolutley fantastic day, made even better because I thought it was a day that I might not see because of Hughes syndrom and all the problems that come with it.

Love Karen xx


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