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When to come off Clexane injection?

I posted a question a few days ago about my INR dropping to 1.3. My GP increased my warfarin dose to 11mg and gave me a Clexane injection and I have had to continue these, she said, until my INR was 1.8 which apparently was the cut off point for needing it. It was 2.1 when retested this afternoon. Stopping at 1.8 seems odd to me when my INR has to be between 3 and 4. I have been told to increase the warfarin to 12 mg and retest on Monday.

Any thoughts welcome or explanations as to why Clexane is stopped at 1.8 please.


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I was told I could have Clexane injections if my INR went below 3.

I would check again with your Gp 1.8 isn't really high enough, I would think anyway

Good luck


I was told anything below 2.5 was reason for clexane but that was a while ago om on clexane permanently now


I used to take Fragmin shots if my INR was below 3.3 and keep taking them until my INR was back in range at around 4.0. I'm now off Warfarin and on Fragmin for life.



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