APS, Clexane Injections and Flying Long-Haul

All, taking two long haul flights tomorrow for work (total travel time w/conections 20 hours). INR is finally at 2.7 (struggled for a month and a half to get it up from 1.8 - nerve wracking). Docs say no need for a Clexane injection while flying (40 mg). I'm still very nervous about it; anyone have advice for me? Shall I inject while flying as a preventive measure or is my anxiety getting the better of me? Appreciate your patience.

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  • Send me an email to the charity address: kate.hindle@hughes-syndrome.org and I will email you the new guidelines for travel which will be appearing on the new website when it's launched later this year.

  • Hi sorry I don't have any answers, earlier this year I wanted to go to Thailand for my cousins wedding and I asked my consultant and apparently they had a meeting about it and spoke to other consultants and came back that they didn't want me to travel. I do have other issues not just APS. Hope you can get some answers.

    Kate if you don't mind I am going to email you as I would like to get the guidelines too if that's ok.

  • Hi am going on a long haul flight on Sunday, I phoned the clinic today to see if I could be started on Clexane, buy the Nurses have said no, I am not suggesting anyone else do this but I have some left over Clexane and will inject myself with it if my inr goes less than 2, luckily I have a coagucheck machine.

    It will be interesting to see how much my inr drops.

    Please remove this if it is not suitable for here, but I know my body more than they do.

    Kate I would also like to know,


  • Ps I forgot this bit I have the anticoagulant clinic,s email address to inform them of my inr and will tell them if I have needed Clexane

    On a letter I have from st Thomas it says if my inr is subtherapeutic I will need to be covered by Clexane 4hrs before the flight, doesn't mention how much though

    Why do things have to be so difficult


  • Daisy I would check that the injection was within its sell by date!! :-)

  • Thank you, it is

    I will tell everyone when I get back if my inr goes up the creek


  • Well have a lovely time where ever it is and safe journey :-) x

  • I just took a 6 hour flight. My Rheumy said to walk around a little and I should be okay. He also said no alcohol while flying.


  • Have undertaken a number of long haul flights and was advised to firstly obtain an INR reading the day before departure and if it has fallen below 2 then to inject with clexane. I also have a test whilst i am abroad just prior to the return journey and repeat the injection if necessary. Paul G

  • Sorry I can't help as I have never done a long haul flight. However Prof Hughes prescribed fragmin for me to self inject should my INR go out of range which in my case is 3-4. So I personally would use fragmin if my INR was down on flight day.

  • I fly 2 - 12hour trips each week. Monday and Friday without a problem. I do carry Lovinox injections with me if I feel "foggy."

    Have not had a problem yet. However this is just what has happened with me, not what will happen with anyone else.

  • I have read on this website that Prof Hughes advises taking heparin in addition to warfarin before a flight greater than a certain number of hours, ?6.

  • All, you're fabulous - each and everyone of you. My INR the day of my flight (Cape Town to Bangkok) was 2.7 so I was told I didn't have to inject. Jet lag has made my head "foggy" and today I had another anxiety attack. Still standing, APS and all...

  • Well no one said this condition was going to be easy but you have made it!! Baby steps and all that.... Now take a big deep breath as you have done really really well and the next time will NOT be as bad and the time after that will be even better.

    Well Done you for getting back onto the horse. Be kind to yourself x

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