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Pregnancy and cervical stitch

I am nearly 19 weeks pregnant and have been having cervical monitoring due to a lletz treatment in 2012. My cervix is down to 20mm and I need a stitch but I need to stop my blood thinners for two days before they can do it. I am petrified. The doctor tells me that heparin and aspirin will not be totally out of my system and still thin my blood a little and the aim is to begin again on day 3. Has anyone any advice/been through this?

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Being a man some of what you say is not familiar, however, I can tell you had open heart surgery on Heparin & 75mg Aspirin and I certainly was ok.

I would be tempted to get a second opinion if I were you.

Let us know how it goes.

Best wishes.

Dave xx


Hi there, I am sure somebody on here will have been through similar whilst pregnant and on similar anticoagulation treatment, I have not had this so can't give you an answer from experience. Hang on in there. MaryF x


Hi, i have been through this years ago, i had three babies this way. Try not to worry, good luck. x


Its my understanding that aspirin takes about a week to clear your system. I would think the heparin would be low enough after 12- 24 hours so I would question the two days and ask to restart as soon as possible afterwards.

Let your doctor know how worried you are about stopping the anticoagulation for too long and see if he might let you bring it closer ...or seek a second opinion. Ultimately though we often have to trust that they know what they are doing but doesn't hurt to ask.


Just to let everyone know I did ring Raj Rai (I saw him privately 2 years ago) as I was worried and he was wonderful to ring me back and yes 1-2 days off coagulation should not effect the pregnancy at all and it is really important not to bleed too much as this effects the cervix to make the stitches not hold as well and so I started back on the heparin and aspirin 6 hours after surgery. We both come through the surgery ok and just praying that the stitch holds and there are not clots.

Thanks you everyone for your support x


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