Has anyone went to the Food Hospital in the UK?

I have been having so many problems which I feel can be food related. I sometimes will eat something & about 15 minutes later I will get pain. My legs & arms will get tingly, numb, cold & it feels like they are going a sleep. If I eat a large meal the symptoms are stronger, almost unbearable. I have been on clexane for the last 6 months. I try to avoid foods high in Vitamin K. I also seem to have reactions to so many medications. I have stop taking all my medications except the clexane. I have been trying to figure this out on my own. This APS has mainly affect my nerves. I started to get better when I started taking the clexane, but now it seems like my body is use to it. Designer16

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  • A lot of people with APS get stomach angina. In not a doctor but in sure bodies don't get. Used to clexane, whats your INR like at the moment?

  • I was told that they don't check INR when you are on clexane. I will admit that I do not have a good dr. Her in the United States. I am with Kaiser & because their knowledge of APS is very limited, I just get ignored. I believe they would be happier if I would just go away. The drs. Tell me I have more knowledge then they do. If you have different information please let me know. I appreciate any information so I could feel better. Designer16

  • My a fib/ mitral valve prolapse is worse if I eat a large meal. I poked about on the internet and found posts where other patients have had similar issues. Apparently, the pressure of a full stomach on the heart can cause symptoms. Since I tend to be hungriest at lunch I adapted the "hobbit diet." I eat a 2nd breakfast between 10 - 11 so that by lunch I am not as hungry.

  • Thanks I will give it a try.

  • I am in the U.S. currently with APS and another AI condition, but three years ago I went gluten free because I had so so much trouble eating, and I can not tell you the difference it makes. It is an anti-inflammatory diet that is usually recommended for auto immune disorders.

  • Was it a specific anti inflammatory diet or one you came up with? I really try to be gluten free but it's not 100%. Vegetables, soy, & anything high in vitamin K.

  • I am completely gluten free only. No cheating. In doing so, you end up eating mostly meat veggies fruits. I also was dairy free for about a year and now I eat very limited dairy.

  • Not sure what it is - I do get something similar from time to time..not sure how old you are and what other conditions (or other related-condition) you may have.

    It may not be allergy. If the symptoms started after taking clexane then it must be side effects?

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