Does anyone know a courier service to pick up the clexane & send it to me in the United States?

Prof Khasmashta prescribed Clexane & it worked great. Lovenox is suppose to be the same but it's not my throat swells-I have tried it 3x. I tried warfarin-made my legs& feet swell a lot. I want to go back on Clexane. I have talked to the pharmacy @ the lupus center but they cannot mail it to me. I need to have it picked up & that person would mail it. Boots pharmacy is the same. I asked if Fed Ex or a courier service could pick it up, but they said no. Does anyone else have their medication mailed or tell me how to do it. Please please help


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  • Sorry not sure, but you could try:

    and if they do not, they may know who can do this. Mary F x

  • Id use Fedex and there is a company I used for my son who is in the USA who use all the big names like Fedex but at cheaper rates. I wil see if I can find them again and let you know.

  • Can you suggest a pharmacy that will work with you in UK. Designer16

  • I will just send you a private message. Mary Fx

  • I never received your private message on a pharmacy that will work with someone in the United States. Designer 16

  • oh dear.. I hope I can find it: Although probably somebody in the USA would be better with advice, but will try and see if I can find what I sent. MaryF x

  • I have finally resolved my issue to get the Clexane. We have a friend who is going to London in the next few days. Prof. Hughes has given me 9 months worth of Clexane. Which is 27 small boxes of injections. Our friend is picking up the meds at the hospital & will mail it. Can you suggest where to go to mail it. It will be 3 larger boxes. Do you tell FedEx what is in it? Do you know a place that will repack it for protection? Please any help is appreciated. Designer16

  • I would I ask your friend to call Fedex when they are in the UK. They will come and pick up the package from where ever they are staying. You can purchase bubble wrap from most stationers or if they have transport go to a "Staples" which is like an Office World. You will have to declare what is in the package.

  • Have you tried fragmin in the USA?

  • Yes. It did not work for me. I had more muscle stiffness & cramps.

  • I m allergic to heprin and possibly lovanox. The theory, given my previous drug reactions, is that I am allergic to some stabelizer or preservative. But we don't know which one.

    So . . . Another option for you may be to talk to a compounding pharmacist in your area and see if they can whip up a preservative free injectibles anticoagulant.

    I know the last thing many of us need is yet another doctor, but an allergist may be helpful. Mine is. A lot.


  • There are other meds similiar to Lovenox. There is Fragmin. There are generics now advailable too. Check with your doctor or pharmacy for the different brand names for the heprin.

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