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Bruises like varicose veins/sore to touch skin?

Hi just wondering if anyone gets a kind of sore skin? I get instances where my skin is sore to touch, even my clothes rubbing against it makes me wince a bit. I get it in patches on my thigh, leg, arm and face, it's like a sore stinging sensation. I also get what looks like bruises but aren't, yet are sore like a bruise, but I get them in the same places....such as the back of my calf and they.look like a blue/green varicose vein without the swelling.

At present I have a small one barely visible on my thigh which is also making my skin sore to the looks like an especially visible blue vein. The skin pain is as if it's a nerve thing?

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I do get the sore skin thing and do get a few lumps and bumps that look like bruises. I have pointed them out before especially one that I was convinced was a clot on my arm. I am on Fragmin so I don't worry unduly but if you are concerned that you have anything that could be inflammation or the start of a small clot you should be safe rather than sorry. A&E is always the best place to go and explain to them about your condition or suspected condition and they will do a d-dimer test and quickly see whats what. Never worry you are wasting peoples time.


Thanks Apsnotfab, I wouldn't say it particularly concerns me, but I do wonder if it could be related to anything. I suppose you just look for links that could make up a picture y'know....I will see if any of the puzzle pieces fit together when I see Prof Khamashta i suppose, just wondered if it could be related to any other people's symptoms who have APS. Thank you xx


Hi. Since I have been on Warfarin, my bruises are very sore to touch. It feels like little needles sticking in them! Sometimes I'm only aware that I have a bruise somewhere when that part of the skin is touched and I get the pin pricking sensation and look to see a big purple area!! It lasts 2 or 3 days and then just goes off. I really don't know why the bruises behave like this, I'm afraid - just know that they do. Y


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