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For the ladies- makeup to cover skin imperfections?

IDK maybe some men too?

Anyhow, I have discoloration on my face- sort of a hyper pigmentation mixed with hypo pigmentation- patches of dark and lightness. Sometimes I also have redness or a lupus like rash as well.

Wondering what kind of makeup anyone has been using to help skin look more "normal" and "healthy" as the L'Oreal powder I have been using doesn't really cover it completely but at least it looks good at a distance!

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It sounds like you have the same thing going on with your face as I do. Do you know what causes it? I use covergirl liquid and powder, but it doesn't do a great job covering it up. It's better then nothing though. Sunblock and avoiding the sun seems to help the darkness a bit.


i use Bare Minerals, and it works great. Good luck with whatever you find!!


Me too! I love that stuff!;)



There was a Blog on here a few months ago on Rosacea on which I posted some advice, I have copied the link here so you can read it and the other posts too.



I use bare minerals and I use the concealer brush as my foundation brush;)

& i really love it!!! I have trouble with huge cysts, blemishes, and rosacea.

My dad uses Dermablend and has for over 15 yrs. & loves it!

His pigmentation is more contrasted than mine.

I hope this helps!

:) xx


I use Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals which gives really good coverage and looks so natural. I have tried some of the other mineral make ups but they made my face itch but this one doesnt its just a shame you cant get sample packs to try


I too have a red mark on the right side of my face presenting during my first pregnancy. I never cover my face when I see a doctor. They need to see your total palor and can tell so very much from one's natural state in skin and nails. I don't cover it up at home as nothing but sunscreen is necessary (and I avoid the sun). When I have a special occasion I have just tried "smooth operator" Amazonian clay tinted moisturizer SPF20 BY TARTE' recommended by the make-up artist for my son's recent wedding and not only did the photo's turn out great, people commented all night that I appeared "well and healthful" . Couldn' t have had a nicer compliment.(because I was sooooo tired but soooo happy!)


I use Revlon Colorstay liquid make up but I think I might try Bare Minerals based on the positive experiences mentioned above. As I'm aging, I find that my face does have more sun spots and discolorations that it did when I was younger. I get too much sun but I love swimming so just wear as much sunscreen as I can and hope for the best. The Revlon makeup has a SPF of 15. I never go outside without sunscreen on my face.


I also use Bare Minerals redness relief powder. Also, under makeup, I use Makeup Forever's HD primer (the green one for rosacea). They both help, up to a point.


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