Skin necrosis? Unsure whether to medical opinion about wound on arm.


I noticed a tiny wound on arm when getting up couple of day ago. It puzzled me. Looked as if someone with tiny finger nails had made a neat crescent moon shape gouge on my arm. Bright red. As I have bunnies thought one may have dome it and I hadn't noticed. But that didn't seem or look likely.

Over 2 days the wound grew and changed shape and appearance.Now the original lesion isn't visible. It's still not big, about half an inch long thin'ish puruple. It became raised and blister'ish. Since yesterday it stopped growing.

I'm concerned it might be skin necrosis brought on by the Warfarin I take. I'm not rushing to Dr though, unless I get another mark like this.

I've never had necrosis,

Would be grateful for any information about it!


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  • Sorry - meant to type: "Unsure whether to go to Doctor for opinion about a wound on my arm". !!

  • Hi Jen

    If you are worried about the leision then best to go and get it checked out.

    I've not heard of Warfarin causing skin necrosis. APS can cause watery blisters on the feet and dry flaking skin on them too, Prof Hughes noticed that I had it before I was put on warfarin.

    Pet scratches can be quite nasty. We had a 6 month old rescue kitten and she was very nervous and a handful at first and used to scratch me; i had two courses of ABs in the first two weeks of her being here. Now she's a big softy.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes.


  • Thank you Dave.

    I think I shall get it checked out. I have livedo and all the symptoms of Snedon's Syndrome. I think necrosis is a symptom of that. I don't think it was a bunny - can't see them doing and most especially me not noticing. They are all grown up now- elderly even - and no longer behave like that.


  • That sounds a good idea Jen xx

  • Hi Jen,

    Short n sweet here, but please do get it checked out, if its worrying you. Seems like APS strikes again!

    Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Thank you Jessielou,

    It's difficult to know what to ignore and what to follow up! What symptoms we need to accept as inevitable given our chronic illness and which ones to follow up because they can be treated and alleviated. I keep as far away from medics as I can, usually.

    Jen xx

  • Jen, where have you heard that warfarin causes necrosis? I understand it to be a very safe drug with its worst side effect being bleeding.

  • Yes. I think it is mostly only happens during the 1st few 'loading' dose days - when the dose is larger. I've always thought of it as fairly safe. As I've been taking it for 4 years it is unlikely to be causing skin necrosis.

  • Here is a link about Warfarin necrosis with pictures. From your description it does not sound like it to me but if you are worried you should find out what it is at least so you are not concerned. Is it possible you may have dug your nails into your arm while you were sleeping for instance?

  • Hi

    Well, I sure do hope I'm not attacking myself in my sleep, now!! I think I need to get checked out for Snedden's Syndrome (Livedo Reticularis, strokes/TIA's, and Hypertension) - I have all the symptoms and I think skin necrosis is more likely for that syndrome.

    I do try to consult doctors as little as possible - that works best for me. So I might wait to see if this happens again before pursuing it. Thanks for the link.

    Jen xx

  • Actually, IMHO, plain old ordinary garden variety skin infection, ( which leads to necrosis, ) is just as, or even more, likely. And is a condition that can and should be treated ASAP.

    Do get it checked out.

  • If you can't be seen by a doctor at least document its progress by photographing it daily and in particular any changes. You can take it to your next appointment with you just to have the doctor see it to keep it in mind for future diagnoses. That way it is documented in your medical file and if it happens again, you'll have a good comparison.

    So sorry you have it at all. But YOU are worth the phone call if you are wondering about it. I would call the local emergency room and explain the situation and see if the ER nurse feels it is worthy of a visit. At least you won't be wondering. If she says wait and see, wait and see as long as the wound is healing during the wait. If it got one bit worse, I would just go to the emergency room to be sure it is documented. Good luck. I hope it keeps going away, but I'd still take photo of its current state.

    Warm wishes,


  • Hi, do get it checked out, sometimes celluliitis can start like this... and as the infection travels deep in the layers below the epidermis... sometimes you can get quite ill quickly without realizing what it is.. my daughter had a sudden on of these, please get a check up. Mary F x

  • Hi i get these marks as well and have aps.i take warfrin and have been referred to tomorrow so let you know what they say

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