Should I see a dr over this :-/ ?

Should I see a dr over this :-/ ?

Hi all, was diagnosed with APS last year and currently undergoing more tests after some positive results under a lupus antibody screening. 

I noticed last week I had this small circular red patch on my foot. Didn't think too much of it, but the past few days it's gotten bigger and it's also raised, like a little lump right over a vein and it feels sore to touch. My partner says I should go get it checked out but I hate going to the doctor over nothing. I've attached a picture, just wanted some advice (obviously in the back of my mind I've been freaking out thinking its a blood clot)  but at the same time I'm telling myself I'm being paranoid and it's nothing to worry about. 

Thanks in advance and hope everyone is well. ☺️

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  • Hi,

    You write you have a lot of autoimmun illnesses. Were you diagnosed APS by antibodies or by symptoms? 

    I also wonder who diagnosed you and if you now have got an APS-Specialist who knows what to look for re different symptoms?

    Are you anticoagulated? I ask this as this is an APS-site so we know this illness best here, but several members have also Sjögrens or SLE or Thyroid-problems. They go hand in hand. 

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


  • Hi, yes I was diagnosed with aps through four positive blood screenings of anticougalants. I also had positive smr rmp and chromatine. 

  • Hi again,

    Is this a photo of your leg, knee or ...... It looks a bit like livedo reticularis.


  • My foot x

  • It's like a small lump, currently red and feels like a bruise when I touch it x

  • Please go and get this checked out by you Dr.


  • Hi

    I would get it checked. Anything new, different or worrying is always worth a trip to the Dr for peace of mind X 

  • Any new symptom should always be checked out. Always better to be safe than sorry. Its possible you may have knocked it without realizing it but as Ive said be on the safe side.

  • Thanks for the responses, I will get an appointment asap x

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