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Banged thigh on warfarin what to do please. Thanks

Yesterday I banged the front of my thigh on a bike handle. Give it a right ole whack like when you bang ur forearm on a doorhandle. Anyway I am on Warfarin 10mg daily. There is no bruising visually but it feels bruised and it really aches, also having referred pain in's feeling slightly warm but not to the touch. Been on meds 2 months now.have 2 thrombophebitis in gastroicnemus vein in calf being treated for DVTs. So what should I do please. Check it out or just put up and shut up. Thanks :-)

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Hi there

If I were you I should go and get it checked out at your GP, or A&E, if you cannot get a sensibly prompt appointment with your GP.

I had a major crash on my bike, in 2004, on Warfarin, massive haematomas on my legs. I got checked out at our local minor injuries clinic and everything was ok and eventually settled down. However, you should get checked out.


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Thanks. Unfortunately I was walking past the bike not on it...Like a plank I just walked into it! Didn't half hurt. I'm sure it will be ok. Will keep an eye on it. Cheers for reply


Good luck but do get it checked out. Dave


Hi, you have had some good advice already, go and have a check up and please keep a close eye! MaryF

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If you are worried especially with your history I would always get it checked out. Better to be safe than sorry!

Let us know how it goes. X

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Thanks folks will check it out in a day or so if its still as sore...I just got a bit worried with all the stuff you get told about warfarin etc...I wouldn't normally worry but it was a proper whack. im such a clod....oh and APSnotFab I managed to get a haematology appt for September to do a family background check, I think. xx


it is not so interesting how much warfarin you are on. What is interesting is what your INR is.

As the others have said already do not wait for the weekend if you are worried and not know how to do.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

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Hi Kerstin, My last test was done a couple of weeks ago and next one tomorrow. it was 3.2 last time. my range should be 2-3 I was being tested every 2 days but now started fortnightly??. I guess they are happy with my INR.

Best wishes too



Good that you test tomorrow. 3.2 in INR is quite OK but that was 2 weeks ago.

An INR between 2.0 - 3.0 is too low for us with APS. Hope you have got an APS-doctor who is treating you.

As APsnotFab is saying with your history get yourself to the hospital. Better to be safe. Why not?



Hello, yes I agree with Kerstin as my GP has kept me in the low 2 for INR and I have had such struggles and am finding my days are working so much better with my health now that I insisted that my INR's be kept a 3.1 or 3.5.

With APS our blood as they all say is simply too thick. A 3 INR has helped me significantly with joint pain, brain fog, headaches, and soooo many more.

Please do not forget to hydrate in a BIG WAY. Hydration is key for everyone but especially if you have APS. Our blood is a high percentage of water and without the proper hydration its simply is not good. And, I have learned to not guess, just go in and get it all checked out by my doc just in case. Safe then sorry theory

Blessings to all



Hi Becca,

I am very happy that you feel a lot better now. Very happy with that!

You are so right also that we must drink a lot of water (Gina has told me that also). I have noticed it now when it has been "hot" in Stockholm for the first time since 1937. Hot in 5 Days. The weatherbroadcast has put a warning class 2 for the first time. This is very unusual in Sweden and people do not know how to handle this weather.

I was so afraid that I had pushed you too hard and been too obstinate as my feelings usually take over sometimes if I believe something is important.

You are a very strong person and I know you will get your APS-specialist and keep your INR at the right place.

I like your theory. Bless you Becca! Take care.

Your APS-friend Kerstin


Hi yes I'm always banging myself on something as so clumsy plus I'm around drunken peeps a lot which bang into me....(music world!)

Most of the times I develop a bruise usually quite big especially if on the legs....but sometimes it doesn't show but is really painful so it is a bruise on the inside pressing on muscles etc....can be very painful...but if ever worried because the pain gets unbearable or it forms a lump which could then be a bleed which I've had a lot of times recently :( get them checked.....hope you're ok, Sue


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