Baby is here!

Baby is here!

Hi everyone,

What a journey! After 6 pregnancies I gave birth this morning to our second daughter - Amelie Rose. Born at 39 weeks weighing 7lbs 5oz. So surprised to get that far and baby be so big. Miracles do happen! We are stopping at two as feel incredibly grateful for the medical care and treatment received to enable a healthy pregnancy. Heparin and aspirin truly are amazing. Blessed to have our 2 miracles. Never hesitate to contact me for any support on the journey to becoming a mum. It's been a challenge but so worth the perseverance!

Even the placenta was donated to Cambridge University haematology as they are currently researching the role of stem cells in autoimmune disease such as APS and future treatment. Proud!!


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  • Hi Hopingforababy,

    What a beauty of a babygirl - Amelie Rose welcome to this world!

    Your name can now be - "Blessedwithbabies"!

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Oh WoW! She is absolutely beautiful. Happy Birthday Amelie Rose. Congrats to you and the family for getting you there and well done for being a little star and contributing to research! What a day, you did it all! xx

  • Congratulations, shes beautiful, you are so right to be proud. We are proud of you, for all your courage.

    Enjoy xxx

  • Many Congratulations and Best Wishes to you all for this treasured little girl. She is beautiful, welcome to the world little one.


  • Blessings on your beautiful Amelie Rose. She is perfect! 💕

    Excited to know about the placenta research project!!!!!

  • What wonderful news on the safe arrival of your little girl :)

  • Welcome to the world Amelie Rose!

    Huge congratulations, she is total perfection.

    Enjoy every moment x

  • What a beautiful baby! She's just perfect!

    Congratulations! I have had 2 babies with aspirin and heparin too and feel so very lucky to have had such beautiful healthy children.

    Enjoy them xx

  • Such wonderful news I am so pleased for you.

    Enjoy your new family member xxx

  • Oh she is gorgeous. Hope you keep well.

  • What a wonderful start to the day and she is perfect in every way. Congratulations I am sure this little one will bring you much happiness.

    I hope MUM is doing well good does that sound mum. Xx

  • Congratulations!

  • What perfection! Congratulations!

  • She's gorgeous! Congratulations on your braveness, it's truly admirable! I wish you all the hapiness with your little one! I hope my pregnancy has the same happy ending :)

  • Congratulations how wonderful Asprin along side of heparin has made your little baby so beautiful

  • Many congratulations!

  • What fantastic news, I am so very happy for you, and what a beauty she is. and great news that you have made that donation to research. Your family must feel very very happy, I hope you have a big celebration when you have recovered a little. MaryF

  • Congratulations! I had only one child born safely from 8 pregnancies so appreciate your joy and gratitude

    Mine were back in the 80s when less was known about sticky blood and thank you for your help towards research which helps others.

    So very very pleased for you. Well done

  • Catherine: God bless you and your new little Miracle child! You are ecstatic and rightly so. Now hug her and kiss her and keep her safe? Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy🎉🎉🎉🎉she is a beauty to behold☺️

  • Congratulations to you and your beautiful daughter.

    Good luck!!!

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