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consultant appointment

I finally got to see a consultant today.... Dr Chui He had met me before as he had trained under my old consultant who had retired. He made me feel at ease and has other patients with sneddons/APS so I didnt have to explain what everything was, had bloods done and new tablets for eye/face pain (dont rember what they are have to pick them up from GP) But come away feeling as if I got someone in my corner now...

Thank you to everyone who replied to my last blog having all your support and kindness really does help and picks you up when your down.

Back to being positive xx

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Glad it went well for's always good to have someone from the med' prof' on your side :)

Hope the tabs' help when you get them....keep smiling :) x


Great news hun hope the new tablets work - pain ontop of everything else makes coping so hard glad you are feeling more positive today ;-) xx


Hi Sharon

So pleased it went well, and consultant on your side helps!!

Hope the new tablets help, very glad you feeling a bit brighter and more positive, hang in there hon, here for you when you need us.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi sharon

I am so pleased for you and would like to talk to you especially about the sneddons syndrome I have just been diagnosed with the same and have suffered many infarcts and a cva on the brain, although I am with a good Heamo consultant I still cannot get any insight into the syndrome and would love to pick your brain' as what and who to see. It would be great if you could let me know also what tablets you are on. Take care luvvy-I look foward to speaking to you. Traceylouxxx


sent you a personal message

sharon xx


Hi Guys - have also just returned from Consultants Appointment since my last e mail to you have had horrendous week pain escelated and peaked and it was awful - saw consultant - he seems to think I have also developed Lupus for which he is getting tests etc. done for and has also put me on Plaquenel - so progress here as well - really would not like to have the fear of a flare up like that again without knowing what it was it was very frightening, as I had never had one before - thanks to you guys I understood what what happening at the time a little more.



Hi Sharon - glad you got to see someone who understood - it makes such a difference - very best of luck going forward

Rebecca P


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