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Crazy time!!!! Sorry!!! :-(

Hi all

I'm just writing this to say a big sorry for not being around as much. Since moving into the pub in December, life has been somewhat hectic. Even though I'm not well enough to do much, organising everything is a struggle.

My daughter who is the chef in our restaurant has been ill this week so thats been tough. Thank goodness she better and can start back to work.

I just feel I'm juggling and managing to drop the ball a lot. I am still about though and hope to have more time soon.

My inr has clawed its way back up to 2.7, still way to low, so not helping with fog and fatigue.

Ooooh I wish i could sleep, pain in arch of right foot along with everywhere else.

Sorry too to my fellow admins, moderaters not being much help just now.

Wishing for better health for all of us.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

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Do not worry we all have are low times and times when life needs to take priority, that is the beauty of these forums we are here when you need us and when you do not.

I am sorry things have been really busy and your INR could be low due to the stress etc, you look after your self and you know we wll appreciate what time you can give and we are all here if you want to talk or just message.

Look after yourself



Hi paddy

thanks hon. Good to know you all their. So glad got a place to come, where people do understand.

Much love n big gentle hugs sheena xxxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Shenna,

sending you big hugs you take care and hopefully can rest abit more now daughter is better.Good to see you back as well kathy xxxx


My poor Sheena :(

Big hugs being sent over to you.......if I can get someone to bring me to yours I'll let you know & we can have coffee & chin wag :)

Glad your daughter is better now, don't let it all get you down, hope your inr stops playing you about soon, think it must be the 'in-thing' at the mo' ?!!!

Thinking of you lots.....Sue xxxx


Hi Sheena,

Great to hear from you.

I really sympathise with the pain in right arch at night, would you believe I get exactly the same thing and it keeps waking me up. I do get it in the other foot as well but not as bad.

I hope you can get your INR sorted as the brain fog is so debilitating.

Take care and don't forget to treat yourself to a large glass of red from time to time, landlady's perk.



I get exactly the same, and sometimes when I am out shopping, I look silly hopping around the supermarket. I think is when I am low in magnesium, I do take supplements of calcium, magnesium Vit D and zinc, buts that's because I am on steroids. Best wishes.


Hi all

Thanks for your lovely comments.

I will ask doctor if magnesium and zinc would help, I already take Vit D and calcium for Vit D deficiency, Anything to help with the pain. I glad to know others understand although not glad you suffering with it too.

Glass of red wine is good, knocks me out tho.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


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