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Any men taking plaquenil?

Inevitably I have seen many reviews of ladies taking plaquenil with some good and some not so good results.However are there any men (or does anyone know any men)taking or that have taken plaquenil and if so with what results with respect to fatigue relief and /or pain relief?I am just trying to ascertain whether men's results correlate with ladies results or whether they vary.I have come across a theory that plaquenil is not as effective a drug for men as it is for women(unfortunately I have lost the article).

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Been on it for 6 months, I see no benefit. Dr keeps telling me it takes a while. How long is a while ? Do you also have lupus ? Since so Manu men are in our situation I started health unlocked. if you wanted to throw this out to them.

Sorry not to helpful


Tampa Florida


David thanks for your feedback.In fact I have APS but not Lupus.Best of luck in your battles with the silent enemy!


My adult son takes it and has for about 6 months he does not feel major results from it either.



I know Jet over in the states takes Plaquenil and I believe he's benefited from it, the trouble is with any drug they give us, we don't really know how much it's helping till we stop taking it.

Last winter, I couldn't get to pick up meds and had ran out of Plaquenil, after just a few days without it I felt awful. Took a while once back on them to settle things down.

I hope some of the other gents on here will be able to help hon.

Gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi all i am back { i think anyways- no replys yet } i have been on hydroxy- same thing as plaq and i feel much better with symptoms of fatique-- missed you all jet


Hi all

I started Plaquenil in January 2012 (200 mg) and then doubled the dose in June and have been on it ever since. I have not noticed any difference, it could easily be a placebo as far as I am concerned. As Sheena says we never know if a drug is doing any good unless its effect is really drastic and Plaquenil has certainly not been a wonder cure.


I've been on Plaquenil at least 6 months or so. Previously, I adjusted to the sporadic times of ache/painful "flares" and didn't want to take Plaquenil. It was when penniculitis bumps showed up on my lower legs, which is a lupus type thing, that the doctor told me it was best to take Plaquenil. I told him the bumps didn't hurt (just sore to touch) or bother me, but he said it would help the inflammation in my body. (My tests are always off the charts.)

So, even if you don't feel like it is doing anything for you, it may be decreasing your body inflammation which is a good thing. Our bodies don't need any more of that.

And I haven't had any more marble-like bumps. And no further flares so far, though a bit of Reynauds still.



Yes I have been on it a couple of years and it does make a difference to the aches and general wellbeing and I certainly notice it if I stop...

I have Lupus APS and Addisons


Thanks for the input.I read on another question and answer series that you previously worked outdoors in a physically active job.Since my overnight crash I find any physical work well nigh impossible.I presume that your fatigue does not encroach on your work or have you had to change jobs to a less physically demanding one?Are you on warfarin?You live in a beautiful country.I was out there in 2011 and 2012 a few months prior to my onset of symptoms and in my "former life" walked the Tongariro Alpine Crossing twice,the Milford and Kepler tracks and the Queen Charlotte and Abel Tasman tracks.Life is tough at present with my longest walk being about 7 Kim's along a level terrain!Perhaps it's time to try the plaquenil!


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